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World War II Revisionism and the 'holocaust'

World War II Revisionism and the 'holocaust'



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'The Holocaust' (capital 'H')


World War 1, World War I, WW 1, WWI - World War 2, World War II, WW 2, WWII

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1) Other Side of the Hill - Germany's Generals, Their Rise and Fall, with Their Own Account of Military Events, 1939-45 (B. H. Liddell Hart).pdf

2) Assault on the Liberty - The True Story of the Attack by Israel on an American Intelligence Ship (James Ennes).pdf

3) The chickens of the interventionist liberals have come home to roost; The bitter fruits of globaloney (Harry Elmer Barnes).pdf

4) The Culture of Critique - An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movement (Prof. Kevin MacDonald).pdf

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This file contains a large number of books concerning historical revisionism, which Harry Elmer Barnes defined as "bringing history into accord with the facts," with regard to World Wars One and Two, and in particular with regard to the events which have been given the name "the holocaust." The following remarks may be helpful to the beginner trying to get his bearings. I have tried to suggest the books in this torrent that will be most useful to those starting out with a more or less conventional American view of politics and history, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians.

World War Two is generally taught to Americans as "the good war," the war to preserve civilization. Hitler, it is said, wanted to conquer the world and exterminate the jews, and he had to be stopped. Thank to our heroic action he was, but not before killing six million jews, mostly in gas chambers in camps such as Auschwitz. Therefore no-one must ever criticize the jews ever again. Saying anything critical about jews is "anti-semitism" which is an offense worse than murder.

The minimum everyone should learn from this file is that everything in the previous paragraph is false. Far from being the war to preserve civilization, the Second World War did more damage to civilization than any other war in human history. Far from being a war forced on us by Hitler's mad desire to conquer the world, it was an entirely unnecessary war. A good starting point here is "Hitler, Churchill, and the Unnecessary War" by Patrick Buchanan. Books written shortly after the war, such as "Unconditional Hatred" by Russell Grenfell, offer a complementary view. David Irving's "Hitler's War" does an excellent explaining the German side of the war, while Charles Tansill's "Back Door to War," David Hoggan's "The Forced War," and AJP Taylor's "The Origins of the Second World War" discuss the causes of war in depth, and Viktor Suvorov's "IceBreaker" gives a controversial account of the origins of the war in the east.

Next, on the matter of the holocaust, there is a core of truth to the story. Jews were indeed persecuted under national socialism. However, the three main pillars of the traditional holocaust story - a Nazi program to exterminate the jews, mass killings in homicidal gas chambers at "death camps," and roughly six million dead - are all false. On this matter, the best introduction is "Lectures on the Holocaust" by Germar Rudolf (in the folder "Holocaust Handbooks," volume 15).

The persecution which the jews received under the Third Reich was not, as is conventionally and dogmatically asserted, the result of irrational prejudice, or of scapegoating, or of jealousy. anti-semitism is, and has always been, primarily a response to jewish behavior. In this connection, Kevin MacDonald's books "The Culture of Critique" and "Separationism and its Discontents" are indispensable. Bernard Lazare's "anti-semitism - its history and causes" gives a discussion of the matter from a jewish point of view (as does Albert Lindemann's "Esau's Tears," which, alas, is not included in this filet). The books of Israel Shahak offer further insight into the nature of the jewish mind and jewish behavior.

In part as a result of the immunity from criticism which they have enjoyed because of the "holocaust," jews have risen to a dominant position in American society, having achieved complete hegemony over the American media, and exerting enormous influence over Washington through lobbying groups such as AIPAC and through their large campaign contributions.  Modern American politics is a jewish game. And what has been the result of this?  Most Americans feel vaguely that, in some way they do not understand, their country has been taken away from them. In politics, they still vote, but no longer choose.  Disenchantment with congress grows as both parties ignore the will of the majority on such matters as immigration. In this connection, Wilmot Robertson's "The Dispossessed Majority" is fundamental. Almost any book by Pat Buchanan will help bring immigration into perspective, as will Peter Brimelow's "Alien Nation."  Kevin MacDonald's "The Culture of Critique" elaborates on the jewish role in America's immigration disaster.

Another destructive instantiation of jewish supremacy in modern America is in our foreign policy. "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy" by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, and "They Dare to Speak Out" by Paul Findley are essential reading. In case anyone's been asleep for the last decade, perhaps I should make it explicit that the neoconservative movement is overwhelmingly a jewish intellectual movement, and that it is on account of the jewish identity of the neocons that they thought going to war in Iraq was a great idea. But our subjugation to the jews doesn't end there. It even extends to ignoring the murder of our own soldiers by the Israelis, as James Ennes recounts in "Assault on the Liberty."

The myth of "the good war" has created an environment in which it's easy for politicians to push for war with "the next Hitler." Our elites have created an America whose only plan is "invade the third world, invite the third world to come live in our country" - and push us out, and silence anyone who complains by calling him a "racist," an "anti-semite," a "fascist," or a "nazi" - and all of this to allow Israel to push around the Arabs with impunity. A correction to our thinking is necessary if we are to survive as a people.

Those interested in a more sane politics should consult the following websites:

Finally, I want to return to the holocaust issue, which I dispensed with earlier by recommending Germar Rudolf's "Lectures on the Holocaust." Holocaust revisionism has developed into a deep and sophisticated field, and getting into it can be heavy sledding.  The holocaust handbooks is the best collection of holocaust monographs in existence, but most of its volumes are slow going for the beginner.  Some more readable books are "The First Holocaust" by Don Heddesheimer (Holocaust handbooks volume 6), "Hoax of Holocaust" by Jurgen Graf, "Nuremberg: the last battle" by David Irving, and "The Great Holocaust Trial" by Michael Hoffman, and "The Giant With Feet of Clay" by Jurgen Graf (holocaust handbooks volume 3).  The collection of images "The Auschwitz Album" offers a visual antidote to the usual propaganda. Video offers another accessible means of presenting holocaust revisionism. Though revisionists have only the tiniest fraction of the resources of the holocaust lobby, they have produced some fine videos.  Here are links to some of these: David Cole in Auschwitz Auschwitz: the surprising hidden truth The Last Days of the Big Lie Bradley Smith and David Cole on the Phil Donahue Show Mark Weber and David Cole on the Montel Williams Show One Third of the Holocaust

Those seriously interested in holocaust revisionism will need to read the many works of Carlo Mattogno and his coauthors, as well as Germar Rudolf's "Rudolf Report" and the anthology "Dissecting the Holocaust." (All of these are in the holocaust handbooks.)  They should also read the archived volumes of "The Revisionist" and the current journal "Inconvenient History."


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World War 1, World War I, WW 1, WWI - World War 2, World War II, WW 2, WWII

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'The Holocaust' (capital 'H')

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Books, Essays, Articles, Reports - Various PDF Files (2)


Books, Essays, Articles, Reports - Various PDF Files (1)

Books, Essays, Articles, Reports - Various PDF Files (2)

This page, War, anything to do about war.....

America's 100 Years War...

World War 1, World War I, WW 1, WWI - World War 2, World War II, WW 2, WWII

Israel: The good, the bad, and the ugly

'The Holocaust' (capital 'H')

Holocaust: Jews Treated Good in Camps in Germany (JDW - Juden Declares War) (Files)

Communism, Liberalism, Bolshevism, Marxism, Zionism, Greed, Hate, Contempt! War Against All Peoples!

The Dr. William L. Pierce Collection (Audio)

The Dr. William L. Pierce Collection (Video)

Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun etc

Dr. David Duke - My Awakening, Jewish Supremacism Audio Books

Zionism Defined, Zionist Jews Killed Millions of Christians

Patrick Buchanan Culture War Speech - Plus Various Videos

Prof. Kevin MacDonald Video Files - The End of White People Series


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