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Money, Banking, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve - Screwing the People...

Money, Banking, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve - Screwing the People...

The American Immigration Invasion...

Zionism Defined, Zionist Jews Killed Millions of Christians

Misc/Various Documentaries, Films, Whatever Video Files for Archive

Crimes Against the People, State Sanctioned Evil, Big Brother...

911, 9/11, 9/11/2001... just what, exactly, happened?

Europe, Australia, New Zealand - Immigration Invasion and the Destruction Thereof

Prof. Kevin MacDonald Video Files - The End of White People Series

Anti-Obama songs, reports, videos etc. (anything Obama)

Anti-White, Anti-Racist, Hate, Attack on White Nations

Hank Williams Sr. (Various)


Who Killed The Electric Car?


Israel: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Jewish Man (Miko Peled) Exposes Israel's Lies 239.5MB

Justice for Rachel Corrie 184.1MB

Michael Scheuer - Israel owns the Congress 7.5MB

Not Racist - May You Be Raped! (anti-immigration rally with one pro-immigration attendee) 44.6MB

Racism vs. Africans in Israel (1 of 4) 65.7MB

Racism vs. Africans in Israel (2 of 4) 63.0MB

Racism vs. Africans in Israel (3 of 4) 63.8MB

Racism vs. Africans in Israel (4 of 4) 77.4MB

The Birth of Israel 242.2MB

The Israel lobby in United Kingdom 574.0MB

The Samson Option - How Psychopathic Megalomaniacs Blackmail The World With Nuclear War 44.3MB

The Story of Palestine 33.1MB

US-Israel War Games Report on PressTV 56.4MB


America's 100 Years War...

America's 100 Years War, War by Deceit, Based on Lies, Expansionism, Imperialism & Anti-Americanism, Zionist Led Wars, Bankruptcy, Poverty and Austerity, 750 Billion Dollar Budget for More War, The Plot to Control the World, They Hate Our Freedoms, War and Rumors of War, Judaism, Bolshevism, Communism, Zionism, Marxism and Warmongering-ism - goes together like sweet butter on a hot roll, Cons, Damned Cons and Neo-Cons, Media Collaboration & Cooperation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Liberators, Flowers and Babies Tossed, Left to Die on Cold Hospital Room Floors, Embedded Media, If You're Not For Us You're Against Us, Police State, Loss of Freedoms, False Flag, War; Government, Media and Financial entities as one and against the people, The Attackers as Heroes and the Defending Victims as 'Terrorist'- America; The 100 Years War!

Rise of the Drones 709.5 MB
Robot Wars 306.9 MB
Talk Is Cheap, Overspending Is Not 15.0 MB  
The Coming War With Russia, Iran and Israel... 112.4 MB  
The Real Reason Why Gaddafi Was Killed 9.0 MB  
The Secret Iraq Files 614.5 MB  
The US and the new Middle East - Libya 336.6 MB  
The US and the New Middle East - The Gulf 282.1 MB  
The War You Don't See 2.2 GB
US' False Flags.... 367.7 MB
War Made Easy - How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death 271.1 MB  
We are Preparing for Massive Civil War, Says DHS Informant 103.3 MB  
WW3 Update - A Reality Check for Americans


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An Israeli popo officer chases an ultra-orthodox jew away from the womenz….


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PDF Files....

66 Questions & Answers on the 'Holocaust'
88 Precepts
100 Documents On The Origin Of The War (Selected From Official German White Book - 1939-254pgs)
100 Reasons We're Glad To Be Men
105 Holocaust Questions
911 Commission Report
1001 Quotes By and About Jews
2050 - Minority Status for Whites
ADL Fact Sheet
A Jewish State
A John Jay Jewel
A Second Fateful Triangle
A World Without Jews
Abolish The King Holiday!
Africa has to get new breed of humans
After Apartheid (1)
After Apartheid (2)
Aid to Israel
Albert Pike (1809-1891)
Am I An Anti-Semite
America's Decline
American Haters
American History X Movie Review
American State Trials 1918 - Volume X
Animal Farm
Anti-White Bill Clinton - A Liberal's Liberal
Anti-White Hate Crimes - ignored by (UK) media
Anti-semitism - Its history and causes
Apocalypse 1945 - The Destruction of Dresden
Are Jews Intelligent
Are Jews a Race
Are you a White man
Argument of Hugh M. Dorsey (Leo Frank case)
Aryan Nations - The Tribes of Israel
Auschwitz - Crematorium 1
Auschwitz - Legends, Lies and Prejudices on the 'Holocaust'
Auschwitz - Open Air Incinerations
Auschwitz - Plain Facts
Auschwitz - The Bunkers of
Auschwitz - The First Gassing
Australian Nationalist Ideological, Historical, and Legal Archive
Authenticity-Authentication Definitions and Sources
Avoid AIDS - Don't have sex with blacks
Banks and Gold
Banned Interview With Putin
Basic Training for Revolutionaries
Beast as Saint - The truth about 'Martin Luther King'
Behind Communism
Best Witness
Billions for Bankers - Debts for the People
Bills Attainder
Birmingham - Brookwood HS facing scrutiny from SPLC over student's gay rights message on sweatshirt
Black African Footprint - Sickle Cell
Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin - A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me
Bombing Vindicated
Boy Meets Boy - Boy Takes Boy to the Prom
Brainwashing Handbook
Brainwashing Manual Parallels
Brave New World
By Way of Deception (Mossad)
Camouflage and Concealment - Basic art of field craft
Can Liberals be Educated
Christian Zionism - Their Theology, Our Nightmare
Civil War 2
Civilian Inmate Labor Program (R210-35)
Class Action Lawsuit against the Federal Reserve Bank (1)
Class Action Lawsuit against the Federal Reserve Bank (2)
Classical Roman Writers on Race Mixing in Rome
Codex Magica - Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati
Collection of Miscellaneous Works by George Lincoln Rockwell
Collective Punishment - Israel Style
Coming Soon - To a neighborhood Near You
Communist Manifesto
Congressman McFadden on the Federal Reserve
Conjuring Hitler
Copy of Obama’s Parents Divorce Decree - Stanley Ann Soetoro - Lolo Soetoro
Death of a City
Debt = Money, Money = Debt
Deceived, Damned and Defiant
Diamond in the Dust - The Ian Stuart Biography
Did Six Million Really Die (1)
Did Six Million Really Die (2)
Digital Video Surveillance and Security
Dissecting the Holocaust
Diversity Management in Corporate America
Diversity at Work
Dixie's Censored Subject - Black Slave Owners
Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US
Edgar J. Steele Sentence
Einstein Conspiracy
Eisenhower's Death Camps - The last dirty secret of WW2
Eisenhower's Holocaust
Erectus Walks Amongst Us
Exactitude - Festschrift for Robert Faurisson
FACTS! That the Government and the Media Don't Want You To Know!
Fag Facts
Fag Flyer
Falsifying the Record - A Fresh Look at Zionist Documentation of 1948
Family Secrets
Favored Races - Eugenic Manifesto
Final Judgment
Flyer Illegal Immigration
Genomic Sacrifice - Absorbed Dose vs. Second Event
Gentile Folly - The Rothschilds
Germany's Hitler (Heinz)
Germany Must Perish!
Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich
Great Red Dragon - London Money Power
Growth of the Soil
Heraldry of a Nation
Hitler Life of a Leader
Hitler’s War and The War Path
Holocaust Revisionism and it’s Political Consequences
Illegal Immigration Model State Resolution 2
Illegal Immigration Myths
Immigrant Danger - Immigration & Increased Crime in Europe
In Defense of Anti-Semitism
Investigations Border Report
Israel Must Perish
Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine
Jesus Christ in the Talmud
Jew Expulsions
Jewish Encyclopedia entry on Zionism, 1906
Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
Jewish History - Jewish Religion - The Weight of Three Thousand Years
Jewish History Jewish Religion
Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965 - A Historical Review
Jewish Ritual Murder
Jewish Ritual Murder - A Historical Investigation
Jewish Supremacism
Jews need a Billion Dollars to Rebuild Jewry (1918 dollars)
Johannes Buxtorf
Justification of Terror
Karl Marx Communist Manifesto
Killing Kennedy
Kill the Best Gentiles
Kosher Food Tax
Leaderless Resistance
Learning about Homosexuality
Lectures on the Holocaust
Manifesto 1882
Martin Luther - On the Jews and Their Lies
Massive List of Firings and Layoffs (After Obama Reelection)
Masters of Seduction (Beguiling Americans into Slavery & Self-Destruction)
Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler (links & text)
Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler (text)
Mexico’s Immigration Law - Let's Try it Here at Home
Michael - Prince of Space
Money & Politics - Incorrect Diagnosis, Wrong Cure
Montana Flyer On Illegal NDAA Being Passed Out
Morals and Dogma (Albert Pike)
Morris Dees Divorce Papers
Morris Dees Fact Sheet
Mutiny Among American Negro Troops in Australia in 1939
My Awakening
My Farewell to Israel
None Dare Call It Conspiracy
Northwood’s - Unclassified Document
Not Guilty at Nuremberg
Nude Revolutionary Calendar 2012-13
Nuremberg - The Last Battle
Nuremberg - The Last Battle
Nuremberg and the other War Crimes Trials
Obama - The Red Menace
ObamaCare - (and its) Mandates Fact Sheet
ObamaCare - Myth vs. Fact
On The Jewish Question
Operation Northwood
Origins of Christianity
Palestine (1945-47) - Chaps 1-2
Palestine (1945-47) - Chaps 3-4
Palestine (1945-47) - Chaps 5-6
Palestine (1945-47) - End Matter
Palestine (1945-47) - Front Matter
Palestine (1945-47) - Index
Paved With Good Intentions (Jared Taylor)
Quotes About Jews
Race Differences in Intelligence
Race Evolution Behavior
Race Myths from the Extreme Left
Race of Ancient Egypt
Racial Origin and Earliest Racial History of the Hebrews - Eugen Fischer
Reds in America
Revolt Against the Modern World
Right and Wrong Racism
Ritual Murder - Myth or Reality
Rome and Jerusalem
Saddam Hussein (5th president of Iraq)
Saint Einstein
Scalia Statement on Arizona-Immigration
Secret Societies and Subversive Movements
Secrets of the Federal Reserve
Socrates Meets Jesus
Stutthof Concentration Camp
Take Your Choice - Separation or Mongrelization
Ten Things You Can't Say in America
The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
The Best of Attack (NA Tabloid)
The Big Book of Racialism
The Biological Jew
The Black Book of Communism - Crimes, Terror, Repression
The Catholic Encyclopedia and its Makers
The Collection of the Works of David Lane
The Color of Crime 2005
The Color of Crime 2005 - The Second Expanded Edition
The Coming Battle
The Corporation - Read Me
The Corporation - Supplement - Corporate Harm Reduction
The Curse of Canaan
The Dictionary of Neo-Paleo Deholocaustolithification (Revised)
The First Holocaust
The Future of Man
The Giant With Feet of Clay (Holocaust)
The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw - Transcript
The Great Red Dragon - London Money Power
The Hidden Power Behind Freemasonry
The Hidden Tyranny
The High Cost of Vengeance
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century
The Holocaust Never Happened
The International Jew - The World’s Foremost Problem (copy 1)
The International Jew - The World’s Foremost Problem (copy 2)
The International Jew The World's Foremost Problem - Henry Ford
The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy
The Israeli Sex Slave Trade - Amnesty International Report
The Jew as Criminal
The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany
The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians
The Jewish Holy War Against Goyim!
The Jewish Problem - How To Solve It
The Jewish Religion - Its Influence Today
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia's Early Soviet Regime
The Jewish War of Survival
The Jungle
The Last Days of the Romanov’s
The Leo Frank Case - The Atlanta Publishing Company
The Leuchter Reports - Critical Edition
The Leuchter Reports - The End of a Myth
The Martin Luther King Holiday
The Menace of Multiculturalism
The Money Manipulators - The Bankers That Stole America (1971)
The Murder of Little Mary Phagan
The Murder of Little Mary Phagan - Mary Phagan Kean
The Myth of Diversity
The Myth of the Six Million
The Negro - A Menace To American Civilization
The Negro Beast
The New World Order
The Origins of the Second World War
The Passing of the Great Race
The Plan Flyer
The Plot Against the Church
The Poisonous Mushroom
The Politicians We Have Chosen Reflect Who We Are As A Nation
The Problem of the Jewish Race
The Prophet Before The Storm (BN)
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
The Racial Basis Of Civilization
The Reichstag Fire
The Revolt Against Civilization
The Rising Tide of Color
The Rothschild Dynasty
The Rudolf Report
The Saga of White Will (comic)
The Secret Team - CIA and Its Allies in Control of the US and the World
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
The Shape of Things to Come
The Six Million Myth
The Swastika
The Thirteenth Tribe
The Truth About 911 - How Jewish Manipulation Killed Thousands
The Turner Diaries
The Ultimate World Order (as pictured in The Jewish Utopia)
The War of the Maps 2012 - FINAL
The Watchdogs (a close look at the anti-racist ‘watchdog’ groups)
The Wichita Massacre
The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors
The Zionist Murder Of Muammar Gaddafi
The Zionist New World Order
The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
They Were White and They Were Slaves
Thieves in the Temple - America Under the Federal Reserve System
Thinking About Neo-Conservatism
This Time The World
Time to Rethink Immigration
Tragedy and Hope
Trial and Error
Turner Diaries
Two Tough Questions
US Money vs. Corporation Currency (‘Aldrich Plan’)
Understanding Jew Influence
Understanding Mexico’s Changing Immigration Laws
United States and Mexico Immigration Policy and the Bilateral Relationship
Victorville FCC is the Auschwitz of America
Wall Street and FDR
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
War is a Racket
Watson's Magazine - August 1915 (Leo Frank)
What Makes Western Culture Unique
What The Founders Really Thought About Race (Jared Taylor)
When Money Dies
Where Does Money Come From
White Power
Who Rules America (2003) - NA
Who Rules America (2004) - NA
Who Rules America (2010) - NA
Who We Are - Series of Articles on the White Race
Who was Albert Pike
Why I Like Secession (BN)
Why Johnny Cant Think
Witness to History - Life in Hitler’s Germany
You Gentiles
You Shall Know Them by Their Works and Words
You and Me - Historic Roots
Zebra (Killings) - The True Account of 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco (1)
Zebra (Killings) - The True Account of 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco (2)
Zionism in the Age of Dictators - A Reappraisal

Browse and download below:

Police Brutality worse than Rodney King


No Show Video? Direct Link Here

Protest in Singapore as government seeks to bring in hundred of thousands of foreigners

Just imagine if Whites in any nation did the same? Stood up to the foreign invasion of millions of foreigners? Of course the media would go into overdrive with their clich├ęs of; “Racism, Hate, Bigotry, NAZI, White Supremacists” and on and on. And of course here in America, our government wants to ‘legalize’ the illegal alien population. I say go Singapore nationals, stop the invasion, stop your government with its evil, nation destroying  plan!


Proposal to boost city state's population prompts rare protest, signalling growing dissent over influx of foreigners.



Its Official: Obama Impeachment Starts Here

U.S. Federal Court hits President Barack Hussein Obama with three charges of abuse of office. The charges presented are detailed and damning. The indictments assert that President Obama “acted as a dictator” to exceed his powers of office to appoint officials behind the back of Congress during a recess period.


The Dr. William L. Pierce Collection


The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches


Black hyena clerks blocking Obama ID fraud case from going forward!

In reference to: Chief Justice to hear Obama forged ID case...

Now comes this....

Obama Eligibility Case Requested To Move To Oral Arguments At US Supreme Court

According to Suzanne Eovaldi, “February 15, 2013, Attorney Orly Taitz brings her request to move the Obama eligibility challenge from conference to the oral hearing stage at the US Supreme Court. She is moving forward in spite of the fact that four African-American Supreme Court clerks refused to allow Taitz to see the signature of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who denied her petition originally. ‘But I resubmitted to Justice Roberts, and he sent it to the conference,’ Taitz said.”


Israelis see their ownership of US government in jeopardy

Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s Secretary of Defense nominee, is in trouble. Why? Because he famously said: “The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here… I’m not an Israeli senator. I’m a United States senator.”

On Friday, forty allegedly American Senators blocked Hagel’s nomination with a filibuster. Their message was loud and clear: “We are not United States Senators. We are Israeli Senators.”

Alan Hart, former lead BBC Mideast correspondent, expressed his disgust at the Israeli Senators’ vote on my radio show, Truth Jihad Radio, this Friday: “This is treason. Serving a foreign nation, rather than one’s own, is not just wrong - it is treasonous.”

One of the traitors, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Israel), mentioned Israel sixteen times while grilling Hagel. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Israel) mentioned Israel ten times. Altogether, Republican Senators mentioned Israel 64 times during their hostile cross-examination of Hagel. The war in Afghanistan - supposedly America’s most pressing military issue - was only mentioned four times.

Those forty Senators don’t care about US troops stuck in the Afghan quagmire, the place empires go to die. They don’t care about the US economy - which, like the US troops sent to Middle Eastern quagmires, is bleeding and dying in wars dictated by Israel, imposed on America by Israel… wars whose only purpose is to serve the interests of Israel, at the expense of the interests of the United States.
Chuck Hagel has pointed out that US interests and Israeli interests don’t always coincide. That is a massive understatement. The truth is that in today’s world, US interests and Israeli interests are in stark opposition to each other.

 From the comments within the link above...

abinico warez
Feb 16, 2013 10:39 PM
We need to deport all jews to israhell - after all, that's why israhell was created. And all the nut case evangelicals that support israhell can go also.
Capt Jack Obviousin reply to abinico warez
2/17/2013 8:51:07 AM
Thinking all Jews are Zionists is like thinking Native Americans are all Navajo. History is what it is and it is not a matter of blaming any one separate group of people. Most traitorous conspiracies are carried out by people of wide descent and background to the point that discrimination of one particular group is erroneous and plain ignorant.

ETA in reply to abinico warez
2/17/2013 3:33:55 PM
1 - I agree, deport them ALL. For if that wasn’t achieved, there would be many Zionist Jews who remained hidden within the woodwork of our largest corporations, educational systems, (etc.-etc.). Still off-shoring our jobs and undermining our wages. Still attempting to slyly destroy and corrupt the minds of our young. Still projecting that us (Whites) were the evil, racist haters instead of them. Still claiming that us (Whites) were the curse of the world, rather than them. Still attempting to control our media, finances and government. And on and on it would go, until it was just like it was prior to their removal from our nation(s). So no, don’t allow even one to remain - deport, deport them ALL!

ETA in reply to abinico warez
2/17/2013 3:34:46 PM
2 - And to hell with that spineless, liberal and nonsensical ideology of; “there are poisonous snakes and non-poisonous ones, there are leopards that will do you harm and then there are harmless beasts” - no, a leopard cannot change its spots! A snake will still slither in the dark and attack you - no matter if it is poisonous or not! Deport, deport them ALL! If one loves peace, humanity and has respect for all peoples and nations, then, banish the vampires (all of them) to a land unto their own! Where they can NEVER afflict humanity with their style of depravity, greed, murder and hatred EVER again! Do it, just do it and, do it for the LOVE, DIGNITY and RESPECT of mankind!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chief Justice to hear Obama forged ID case

Suit filed by:

Orly Taitz - Attorney and Dentist...

Against your loser prezzydent...

 Feb 15, 2013 - Chief Justice to hear Obama forged ID case... LINK


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Man I wish I were an illegal immigrant...

If you illegally cross the North Korean border, you get 15 years hard labor.
If you illegally cross the Afghanistan border, you get shot.
If you illegally cross the Iranian border, you get up to 8 years in prison.
If you illegally cross the US border, you get a job, driver's license, food stamps, housing, health care, education, 7 years of tax free business, and, depending on the state, dirt cheap college education.
Man I wish I were an illegal immigrant.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dilly doper caps heself in codriguez and nugget sack - the stoopid sumbitch

Since the incident took place at his holmes boy’s crib, the crib was searched and the holmes boy was arresticated for green tobacco possession.

Below, images of the stoopid sumbitch and his holmes boy, who, without a doubt, is also a stoopid sumbitch. LINK

He shot the wrong head - next time fool, aim higher...


Dirty, nasty, vile hyenas slaughter four White women

At least one of the White women dabbled in dope - which means she also dabbled in hyenas - which caused the death of all four.  LINK

Google = James Poore+Cedric Poore

Google = Rebeika Powell+Kayetie Powell-Melchor+Julie Jackson+Misty Nunley

National MSM Ignore Yet Another Black-on-White Tulsa Massacre: Two Brothers Allegedly Slaughter Four White Women



Hyena predator slaughters 13 y/o White child in Mexifornia