Friday, June 21, 2013

Huey P. Newton (co-founder of the Black Panther Party)

In October of 1967, Huey P. Newton (co-founder of the Black Panther Party), was deep inside a black ghetto celebrating his being recently released from the big (black) house. Where ’The Man’ had him locked down with the homeboys for a brief time. He was laid-up and kicked-back after his latest conviction of repeatedly stabbing brother-man ‘Odel Lee’ with a steak knife after a ‘situation had arose.’ Then, at about 5am on October 28th 1967, as the ‘par tee’ was nearing an end, a young White cop patrolling the dark ghetto pulls Newton over. After realizing his dangerous predicament, the cop tells Newton to hang tight... as he calls for back up. After back up arrived and they began to question Newton, the slippery and cheap wine suckin, crack smokin, Black Panther co-founder immediately attacked and shot the two White cops, killing one.

Huey P. Newton, named after heroic 1930’s Louisiana Senator Huey P. ‘Kingfish’ Long - who was murdered by jewish Zionist (Carl Weiss) in collaboration with Zionist (and possible jew) FDR. He was murdered because he opposed the US jewish banking system IE; the ‘Federal Reserve.’ He also opposed FDR’s ‘jew deal’ but most threatening, The Kingfish was coming after FDR’s job. But of course he never made it. And he never made it because Whites lose. Whites always lose. We lost then just as we do now. And we lose because we’re not even in the battle. After assassinating the Honorable Senator, the jew dog was shot and killed by Long’s body guards. And to this day, just like lowlife jew (Leo Frank), who raped and callously murdered sweet and innocent Mary Phagan, conniving jews deny Weiss killed Senator Long. But regress I did, as this is about the ‘other’ Huey P. - the black supremacist hater... Huey P. Newton. Displayed below.

23-yo John F. Frey - the cop murdered by alcoholic doper Newton.

Negros and Communists protest over the arrest - wants the black killer freed. After all, shooting two White cops... ‘ain’t nothin but a thing‘ plus, it was those cops who were ‘holdin the brothers down’ -- repression and all that stuff. The cops sent into dangerous black ghettos aren’t heroes or crime fighters no, to the ungrateful, White-hating and self-absorbed blacks, they are ‘oppressors.’

Life long criminal and drug addict Newton sentenced - originally charged with murder, eventually convicted only of manslaughter. A sweetheart of a deal, a real whitewashing if there ever was one. Received from between two to fifteen. No charges were ever brought for shooting the other White cop (Herbert Heanes) three times in his body. That was a ‘freebie.’

Two years later the sentence was overturned on a ‘technicality’ which eventually freed Newton altogether.

In 1974 Newton was again charged with murder. Caps cold 17-yo black prostitute ‘Kathleen Smith.’ The outcome was lack of evidence, two hung juries, and a DA who decided against another trial.

The Huey P. Newton saga ended at a local crack marketing establishment. In which undocumented pharmacist ‘Tyrone Robinson’ lit off two rounds of fire into Newton’s face. In what was reported as a ‘dope deal gone bad.’ Yeah, guess it was at that. Robinson was convicted of the murder and sentenced to thirty-two years. Yes, thirty-two years. And there’s a huge difference between a sentence of thirty-two years and one of between two-fifteen. White life then, as now... cheap.

There’s a ton of info concerning Newton/Black Panther Party online - all of them, all of it, trash, just plain trash. Black trash. Also, this Newton freak, like most blacks, has at least two personalities - the one for the media (the ‘act White’ one) and the other one, the real one, the criminally insane and doped up drunk one. Blacks like to say - ‘I‘se keepin it real dawgs’ - in other words, ‘I‘m sincere and honest.’ And in some of the media interviews I’ve watched with Newton, that’s how he appears to be - sincere and honest. But that’s the fake one, the real one shoots White cops. Don’t forget that, it may save your life.

ETA-Expose Them All

The scene of the crime:

1) Newton’s Volkswagen
2) John Frey’s unit
3) Herbert Heanes’ unit

Oppression - Black Power - Murder

In remembrance; 23-yo officer John F. Frey
Oppressed in the worst possible way - Murdered by Black Power


Racism, Defamation, Denigration, Contempt, Hate & Crimes against White People (2)

Anti-Racist Is A Code Word For Anti-White - The White Rabbit.mp4

Hate Group (1) Black Panther militant supremacist (and hero), Huey P. Newton, murders White cop (1967).mp4

Hate Group (2) Negro Panthers 'demand' the White cop killer be released from his oppression.mp4

hate Group (3) Huey P. Newton's 2nd personality (the ‘White one‘) interviewed while in jail.mp4

Hate Group (4) Officer John F. Frey - 23-yo White victim - memorial page.pdf

Hate Group (5) Hyena Panthers - rising up against whitey - wants to 'off the pigs'.mp4

Hate Group (6) African't Panthers; whitey holdin us down - blacks be repressed.mp4

Hate Group (7) Calling for race war against whitey - if they win, who will pay the welfare checks.mp3

Hate Group (8) Black Trash - lowlifes, dopers, drunkards, petty criminals and scum, that’s what ‘Black Panthers’ are.pdf



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  3. Only a dumb stupid cracker would think this way. White police was twenty-five Times worse than today. No cops were innocent. You really believe that black people should have loved the same people that hated them? The same people that were protesting against black kids going to school with white children. The same people that threaten tokill black kids for just going to school. You know blacks and especially back then had a good reason for disliking whites. Yet we still gave whites a chance to prove they weren't like the rest. This bs logic shows me why whites today would get upset about a gorilla being killed to save a baby but could care less about black men.

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