Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why did Trayvon come back to be shot?

Why did Trayvon come back to be shot? Remember in the 911 tape, Zimmerman lost contact and sight of Trayvon when Trayvon walked behind a building. Trayvon was free to go. But yet Trayvon came back to attack Zimmerman. This is when he was shot. Governments and media love blacks too much, this is the only reason why there is a trial. Isn't it obvious? Only thing more obvious is their hate for White people. Even Zimmerman, he isn't white, but yet he is light enough for government and media hate.

And also, Zimmerman is a liberal, he loved blacks too. He participated in several lib groups which claimed to 'help' blacks. And this is how the vile liberal's turn on their fellow liberal. I am not a religious person in the least but I do remember one set of Bible verses. It said when a man 'slaps' (sues) you, do not resist, let him 'slap' (sue) you even more. I think this is in reference to how the legal system is corrupt and no honest man should become involved in it. I can understand this, I see what they are doing against Zimmerman. And in this case, like in politics, not an honest 'man' can be found. they are all corrupt - corrupt with PC or, Cultural Marxism. They go after not only those whom are white but, those who are 'white enough.' This is not justice, it is just the opposite.

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