Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jewish actress Jean Stapleton dies

In the days before Cable / Dish TV, there are only the 3 major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC) and a few local channels to choose from. The Marxist-Zionist networks truly have a captive audience.

From 1971-1979, the most highly rated TV show (by far!) is the sitcom "All in the Family," produced by Zionist-Marxists Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin, and carried by the CBS network (owned by Zionist William S. Paley (originally Paloff).

Set in the Queens, NY living room of the Bunker family, every episode of AITF contains at least one heated political argument between Archie Bunker (middle aged, patriotic, anti-communist, conservative Republican white man) and some liberal Democrat character (Michael, Gloria, Irene, Lionel, Maude etc)

Archie's (played by Carrol O'Conner) arguments are always made in an angry, buffoonish tone and bigoted towards blacks, hispanics, and Jews. But the liberals on the show are always portrayed as oh-so-intelligent and "tolerant". Week after week, the massive national audience, prompted by phony laughtracks, can't help but laugh at stupid and angry Archie, a World War II veteran who proudly wears a flag pin.

Archie's wife Edith is also presented as the object of ridicule. Played by the Jewish actress Jean Stapleton, Edith is portrayed as a stupid housewife who allows the abusive Archie to walk all over.

Even Archie's white friends from the lodge (such as "Barney") are also portrayed as ignorant clowns with exxagerated "New Yawker" accents. But of course, liberal Michael's hippie college friends are portrayed as worldly and well spoken.

In the subconcious of the public mind, traditional conservative ideals become associated with stupidity and hate, whereas liberal opinions are associated with education and tolerance. In the final year of AITF's decade long run, Archie "matures" into a much more liberal minded, and likeable older man, taking in a Jewish business partner and even adopting a Jewish step-daughter!

Like Archie, Edith's character also "matures". In later years, she begins to stand up to the bully Archie and gradually take on feminist positions.

The viewing audience of AITF (and other shows) cannot detect the psychological manipulation of this admittedly very funny show, but AITF's unflattering portrayal of Archie & Edith, along with their eventual redemption, serves to gradually turn millions of reactive viewers away from conservative, patriotic thought, and towards a more socialistic, liberal worldview.

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