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Black killer of two White great-grandmothers wins reprieve

Black killer of two White great-grandmothers wins reprieve

Black killer Kimberly McCarthy receives last minute execution reprieve. Convicted of murdering two elderly White females. Lib judge halts execution to give lawyers more time to find any alleged, yet unproven, 'racial bias' during her trial. The reason? - all the jurors were White except one. And that one non-white was a black. Yet that just isn’t and wasn’t good enough. As evidently it takes more than one lone black to make sure the eleven other jurors, the White ones, remained in check and not exhibiting raaacist behavior.

Kimberly McCarthy, slaughtered two elderly White women but yet that wasn’t racist,
biased or hateful. But her sentence of death, now that may have indeed been raaacist.

The victims:

Below, 71-yo Dorothy Booth, beaten, robbed and stabbed to death with a butcher knife by the black predator displayed above. Prior to her murder and to make it easier on the dark hyena, she was subdued by blows to her face and head with a heavy gauge candlestick holder. Ms. Booth also had her finger completely cut off so the ugly dark skinned creature could remove her diamond wedding ring. And as conspicuous as these facts are, even more notably, Ms. Booth received no reprieves.

Below, the second victim, 81-yo Maggie Harding, she was bludgeoned into submission with a metal meat tenderizer. This was prior to her suffering an unimaginable, agonizing and merciless death via ruthlessly being stabbed to death. And once again, she received no reprieves. Furthermore, being a White victim of black criminal rage, no one is looking into any ‘racial bias‘ in her demise.

This is 2013, a time when we’re told that everyone is equal. But yet being a White male, and as I watch members of my race being systematically selected for rape, robbery, beatings and murder. All by vicious, hate filled and unsympathetic black predators. I feel as if Whites fall a tad short on that ‘equality ladder.‘ Maybe it’s them who are the victims of hate, animosity and bias? Maybe it‘s them who are the ones needing to be government classified as a ‘special group’ and who need protection? Matter of fact, I‘m calling for an immediate reprieve. A stay of execution for the next White victim, who is unknowingly standing in line and has been marked for a dark death. And I’m calling for a reprieve just long enough for a team of top-dollar, taxpayer funded lawyers, judges and crime specialists to look into this. We’re all equal and all the same right? Well listen, I want my race to climb on up on that ‘equality ladder’ for a time - just time enough to study and understand why and how white-hating blacks are afforded the means of using butcher knives to slaughter the kind, decent and frail elderly citizens within our society. And how they find it reasonable if not appropriate to cut our mama’s and grand mama’s finger’s off - all for a two-bit payout at a pawnshop. And how they can do it without remorse, regret or shame. And why they think it ‘bias’ or ‘racism’ when that same society seeks to strap that big black ass on a gurney to begin the journey into forever. I mean surely these blacks aren’t so stupid, ignorant and arrogant to think they can just kill off our people at will and whenever they need some shiny bling, a cold forty, or a snort of crack are they? And then yell ‘White raaacism’ and expect ole whitey to just tremble and shake before shriveling away in guilt? Er, are they?

Below, this is one of the black killer’s lawyers. A jewish female. A member of a hostile elite. An anti-white, hate filled and arrogant elite. An elite who has slithered into our nation and who rules over us, our country, and who have and do dictate many of our beliefs and actions. And should we not like it or we dare disagree, we’re ‘anti-semitic, hitler-cRaZy, supremacist haters of the worst kind,  and of course, ‘raaacists.‘ These people have learned to beat us into submission, not with candlesticks or meat tenderizers, but with words. Condemning words of intimidation, contempt and hate. Yet these words cut like a knife or will drop one to their knees just the same. These people are Communists, Marxists and murderous Bolsheviks. They’ve instilled many of our people with the guilt’s, shames and remorse’s of liberalism. Liberalism; a world turned upside down. Where right is wrong, wrong is right and all non-whites are victims of everything and everything is the fault of White people. Her tribe is the principle reason for black on White crime. That may be hard to swallow but it is true. These people are past shrewd. They are beyond cunning, conniving and manipulative. And yes, they use blacks as tools and warriors against the White race. And how they’ve done it was through cut-throat and corrupt courts. And that’s the way they would have had to accomplish what they’ve accomplished. Because many, if not all of their actions, went against the vast populace.

They’ve initiated and won court cases which turned the black predator loose to prey upon White society. They’ve won court cases that brought blacks right out to where Whites  live, work, shop and play. They’ve turned your once safe and cohesive neighborhoods into fragmented multicultural killing fields and war zones. And now your womenfolk, children, the elderly and you, are vulnerable to any and all types of barbaric black crime. Anytime, anywhere and by whatever means the blacks want to victimize you, it’s being done. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it because anything you could do would be raaacist.

And it all started in the courts. Where blacks, maintaining and attending their own schools,   was deemed separatist and racist. Separate but equal was not separate but equal, it was a form of White slavery and hate. The first major victory of the anti-white jewish haters was  to get violent blacks into your children’s schools. The Brown v Board of Education and Brown v Board-2 court cases. Which led to bussing, the anti-white Civil Rights Acts and every other anti-white, liberal, communist actions against Whites. They started off telling Whites that the poor, decent, kind and noble negro just wanted to have equal rights with Whites. Then, almost overnight, they changed it to ‘the blacks were really equal with Whites.' And of course now, this has regressed into each and every White person is a racist hater and a second class citizen. Whereas the blacks have legally been elevated into a ‘special people’ classification. Complete with their own holidays, history months and thought-crime laws to protect them. And it all started with a court case(s) mentioned previously. A case in which the ultimate goal was to carry blacks into White neighborhoods. Right out to where they attend school, work, shop and play. But the jew never let up. The end game was for Whites to become the victims of blacks. To bring the master down to the slave. But the jews still won't let up. While blacks were desegregated into White society, Whites are now being robbed, raped and murdered at record levels. Yet the jew STILL tries to protect their black tools and warriors - protecting the oppressor against the oppressed!

Another court case, another jewish lawyer. Two innocent Whites cold-heartedly slaughtered by black criminality and barbarity. Yet, the black sub-animal is the victim. The victim of ’hate.’ How’s that for chutzpah?

Maurie Levin - an anti-white jewish Marxist attorney, a member of a hostile elite operating unabated within the US. After they turn the United States into an uninhabitable hellhole of multiculturalism, her kind can flee to Israel (Palestine). The same as they did in South Africa after they handed the country over to blacks.

The wimpy and liberal judge who halted the execution - on the grounds of potential ‘racism.’ Damn near 20 years after the fact and this stooge of the jew is going to allow the jews to look into ‘racism’ claims.

District Judge Larry Mitchell

Stop her execution... why you lowlife, dense, dumb and anti-white MF!

If they ever do lay her ass down on that gurney - not only would
it have been too late, it would have been too good of a death.

Update: The execution has been rescheduled for June 26th 2013. That’s if her lawyers can’t prove any White ‘racism’ came out of the trial. And so far, they yet maintain the entire trial was ‘tainted’ with ‘racial overtones.’ Bad, bad whitey... stop being so hateful to blacks....


The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling by the Supreme Court, which desegregated U.S. public schools, was likely the most important Black civil-rights ruling ever handed down by an American court. But not only do we know that a Jewish woman launched Brown (Esther Swirk Brown), but a Jewish lawyer gives a quote in his book that the Brown case was initiated almost solely by Jews: “Charles Black likes to point out that of the half-dozen white lawyers who signed the brief in Brown v. Board of Education he was the only non-Jew” (from the book “Crusaders in the Courts: How a Dedicated Band of Lawyers Fought for the Civil Rights Revolution” by Jewish/American civil-rights lawyer Jack Greenberg, 1994, BasicBooks, New York, USA, p.50, hardcover).

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