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White family demands black hate-crime attacker be charged with ‘hate-crime’

Short synopsis;  White folks dining at Outback Steak House - black racist outside preparing for an attack (to attack a White inside the restaurant). He loads up with glass shards and enters, after he selects the White he wants to attack - he asks the White male patron (shown below), 'how's it going' - when the unsuspecting White answers, the black racist commences with the attack, while yelling; "never call me a nigger again!" The popo charges the black supremacist with only a few charges but noticeably missing, were any ‘hate crime’ enhancement charges. So the Whites below, thinking they are either equal with the negro or, the negro is equal with them, wants equality under the law. In other words, they want the DA to charge the black racist as they would any White - with a hate crime.

Of course the establishment IE; the DA and the other Cultural Marxists who run the legal system in that county, wants nothing to do with any of that. They more than realize the big Marxists, those who dominate America, and who have spent the last 60-some-odd years setting up a system which demoralizes and stigmatizes Whites as the only racist haters in America... well they, the big Marxists, would frown upon any protectionist type (hate crime) charges being brought against the black hater. The big Marxists, they are the ones who dictate to the little Marxists... and for the little Marxists (at the county level) to charge one of their tools with a hate crime - where would it stop? A call to end any and all special rights blacks presently enjoy? An end to all anti-white laws and policies? You see, when the big Marxists legislated all those pro-black laws and policies, they weren’t actually legislated to be ‘pro-black’ - they were made into law to be anti-white. They couldn’t bring the black up to the level of Whites so, they brought Whites down to the level of blacks (or in the case of ‘hate crimes’ - ‘below‘ the level of blacks). The big Marxists needed their tools to have the advantage, to fight against whitey, to hold whitey down, to keep whitey confused and stupid - so as to keep whitey docile and inactive. Because they know, if whitey ever woke-up and realized what was going on, the big Marxist could be defeated. And of course that‘s why they attack and demean whitey as much as they do and have in the first place - to replace whitey as the dominate force in America and the world. And they’ve done this by slapping whitey down at every turn, while artificially elevating blacks. And of course by dictating to the little Marxists (the remaining Whites wherever they’re still in charge) how things should be. Which, if one thinks on it long, it makes sense because, that’s what’s going on. Isn’t it obvious?

(If these Whites want to carry this further, what they could do is, call the FBI and demand an investigation and, to sue the chit out of Outback Steakhouse. The call to the FBI most likely wouldn’t go far, but it’s worth a shot. Of course suing Outback Steakhouse may benefit them to some degree. I mean when a business opens there is some measure of expectation that the business will at least make some attempts to protect their
*employees and patrons. And for a  black racist to stand outside that business while loading up, and then enter into the premises and walk about freely as he searches for and selects the White victim he wants to attack - that may very well fall below those expectations).

*A pregnant White waitress was also attacked).


The beautiful daughter below, shows the local media how the enraged black racist repeatedly stabbed her dad. Some may be confused as to why the media is even interviewing these White victims of black hate and bias. It’s mainly because they just can’t conceal and hide black rage and hate like they used to. The internet and all. So sometimes they play the game, to make it appear as if they are being fair. And they were fair - fair for one short interview. But don’t expect the big Marxists networks, CNN, MSNBC etc. to cover the story - and certainly don’t expect this story to go into ‘frenzy mode’ ala James Byrd or Emmett Till (etc) -  because it won‘t - it’s over. These Whites had their five minutes of fame.


White family demands black hate-crime attacker be charged  with ‘hate-crime’ - lol - how naive white ppl are (5)

What next, make blacks pay refugee money to Whites when they were forced to flee areas in what media jews coined; ‘white flight?’ Which they later claimed was just another type of ‘White raacism.” I was forced to flee three times thus far in my life! Once in the city when I was a kid, once again in the county after I got married - and then a third time when we fled to protect our children from black schools! And yeah, I want my refugee money! I’m suing every black in the country - even the ones who arrived or were born after the fact! Pay up you black MF’s!

Hate crime charges against blacks???? Damn man, blacks are seldom charged with ‘hate-crimes’ - because ‘hate-crime’ laws were not legislated and passed to protect Whites from blacks - they were made into law to protect blacks from Whites! Matter of fact, years ago, when the very first hate-crime charge was leveled against a black, the jew judge threw the case out of court! And the judge stated as much... ‘this defendant can’t be charged with a hate-crime - because hate-crime laws are to protect him from Whites - NOT Whites from him!’ But hey, good luck getting the DA to charge the black racist with the enhancements! I’d be mad too, some black supremacist and racist hater sneaks up behind me and starts stabbing me in the back with shards of glass. All while calling me racial slurs - as my family and I were doing nothing but dining! Hell yeah, that would piss a person off! But, White males are the ONLY people in the US that are NOT in a federally protected class! So once again, good luck with ‘hate-crime’ charges being brought against the black racist!

(This is such an ’important’ case for the media, they haven’t even provided a pic of the black racist - his name ‘Matthew Sanders’).


This is in reference to this case (image and link below)

Racism, Defamation, Denigration, Contempt, Hate & Crimes against White People (2)


(Post date: 2013-06-29 -- ETA-Expose Them All)


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Racism, Defamation, Denigration, Contempt, Hate & Crimes against White People (1)




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3) One media does indeed offer up a small image of the hate attacker.

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