Sunday, December 9, 2012

White woman ‘blessed’ now more than before jealous and violent black psychopathic hyena horribly disfigured her

What she looked like prior to being black blessed -- >

 After her blessing --- >

With her family at the courthouse where her black ‘blesser’ was sentenced from 30-70 years. And will most likely be paroled in 3-7 months.

Blacks: In the Christian Bible they were considered as “beasts of the field” - now, White women consider themselves as being “blessed” when one damn near kills them. Cultural Marxism, a Beast as a Saint...

'I'm so much more blessed now': Mother-of-two disfigured in horrific Lye attack says she wouldn't take back what happened to her as she awaits face transplant.

Carmen Tarleton+Herb Rodgers
: One -- Two -- Three -- Four

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