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Brother Nathanael Kapner (video) Archives list below

(2010-07-16) A New Vision for America
(2010-07-22) Breaking The Zionist Power
(2010-07-29) Curse Of Synagogue & State
(2010-08-09) Who Owns the Media?
(2010-08-14) International Jewry's Iran War Cry
(2010-08-17) How the Jewish Lobby Works
(2010-08-21) Who Owns the Federal Reserve? (Part 1)
(2010-08-24) Who Owns the Federal Reserve? (Part 2)
(2010-08-26) Who Owns the Federal Reserve? (Part 3)
(2010-08-31) Why I left Judaism
(2010-09-02) Democracy & the Jewish Vote
(2010-09-04) The Real Issue of Jewish Genes
(2010-09-08) 911's Unanswered Question
(2010-09-10) White Anger or White Stupor?
(2010-09-14) Israel's Stacked Deck
(2010-09-18) Conquest Through Immigration
(2010-09-23) What's Behind the Kosher Scam?
(2010-09-28) Zionists Infiltrate the Tea Party
(2010-09-30) It's 'Jews for Sarah' Time
(2010-10-05) Obama Boy's Bail Out
(2010-10-07) Israel's Master Plan
(2010-10-11) Zionist War on the Middle Class
(2010-10-14) Senator Lieberman's War Crimes
(2010-10-19) Israel's Loyalty Oath Exposed
(2010-10-23) The Destiny of America
(2010-11-01) Mandate for the Tea Party
(2010-11-08) Bernanke's Funny Money Scam
(2010-11-17) Spy Deal for Israeli Freeze
(2010-11-19) Chertoff's TSA Death Scanners
(2010-11-24) The New Jewish Hit Parade
(2010-11-27) TSA's Zionist Food Chain
(2010-12-02) Food Bill's Mark of the Beast
(2010-12-05) Jewish Money at Forbes 400
(2010-12-07) Food Crisis Coming to America
(2010-12-11) The Zionists Behind FEMA Camps
(2010-12-14) Seats of Jewish Power
(2010-12-19) Could the Military Save the Dollar?
(2010-12-21) The Boys Behind Gold & Silver
(2010-12-27) Greek Bishop's Defy World Jewry
(2010-12-30) Monsanto's Zionist Bedfellows
(2011-01-04) Confessions of a Jewish Banker
(2011-01-10) Mandate for America 2011
(2011-01-12) US States going Belly Up
(2011-01-15) Gold, the Dollar, & the Debt
(2011-01-20) Kissing Zionist College Goodbye
(2011-01-23) Obama Tabs GE Factory-Closer
(2011-01-26) Obama's 'Failed' State of the Union
(2011-01-31) The Jewish Spirit of Our Times
(2011-02-01) Big Brother Gov Wants Your Gold
(2011-02-06) Confessions of a Former Jew
(2011-02-08) The Oligarchs of Globalization
(2011-02-15) Symbols of ObamaNation
(2011-02-17) Want a Job at Goldman Sachs?
(2011-02-19) Obama's Paid Protesters Invade Wisconsin
(2011-02-21) Silver & Coming Food Riots
(2011-02-23) Obama's Zionist Masters
(2011-02-28) America's Multicultural Nightmare
(2011-03-02) The Zionist Plan for Libya
(2011-03-08) 3 Steps to the Anti-Christ
(2011-03-11) Hi Ho Silver - Goodbye Dollar
(2011-03-16) Japan, Quakes & the Jewish Question
(2011-03-19) Tel Aviv's Command to Attack Libya
(2011-03-21) Zionist 'Odyssey Dawning' in Africa
(2011-03-22) The Myth of the Chosen People
(2011-03-28) The Jewish Talmud Exposed
(2011-03-30) The Battle for Oil in Libya
(2011-04-01) Big Brother at the Airport
(2011-04-03) The REAL Tribe SEEKING Regime Change in Libya
(2011-04-05) Why Did Goldstone Betray the Truth?
(2011-04-08) The 'Obama Doctrine' Debunked
(2011-04-11) Why Did Fox Terminate Glenn Beck?
(2011-04-14) Controversial Cartoons on Goldstone's Retraction
(2011-04-16) Goldstone's Betrayal SPARKS Political Cartoon Backlash
(2011-04-18) Trump for President 2012?
(2011-04-26) Senator Schumer Wants Your Guns
(2011-04-30) Why Obama's 'Birth Certificate' is a Fraud
(2011-05-05) Presidential Picks for 2012
(2011-05-09) The ADL's War on White America
(2011-05-17) AIPAC's Prelude to Treason 2011
(2011-05-21) Mt Athos Prophecies on '666'
(2011-05-27) Zionist 'Thugs' Behind America's Police State
(2011-05-30) The Strange Case of Dominique-Kahn
(2011-06-03) Growing Up Jewish
(2011-06-21) The Great American Disconnect
(2011-06-26) A Brave New Zionist World
(2011-07-03) My Life as an Orthodox Monk
(2011-07-07) The Jews Who Murdered Tsar Nicholas II
(2011-07-13) Goldman Sachs Betrayal of America
(2011-07-18) The Difference Between Putin & Obama
(2011-07-22) Did Israeli's Mossad Do 911?
(2011-07-30) The Jews Who Run Capital Hill
(2011-08-08) The American Dream is Over
(2011-08-16) Christian Roots of White Nations
(2011-08-21) How the Jews Mock Jesus Christ
(2011-08-27) The Jews Behind NATO's Rape of Libya
(2011-09-07) America's Coming Nightmare
(2011-09-13) Jewish Hollywood's Fatal Embrace
(2011-09-19) Zionist Visions of 1984
(2011-09-24) Dangers of a 'Jewish' State
(2011-10-03) Can White America Survive?
(2011-10-10) The 'Holocaust Denial' Debate
(2011-10-18) Is Elie Wiesel a Fraud?
(2011-10-24) The Meaning of Icons
(2011-10-30) While the Euro & Dollar Die
(2011-11-06) The Illustrated Protocols of Zion
(2011-11-10) Attack on Iran Means WWIII
(2011-11-17) Prepare for Martial Law
(2011-11-23) Wall Street Boyz Occupy MF Global...Clente, Too
(2011-11-30) Will the Jews Let Ron Paul Win?
(2011-12-07) Beauty Will Save the World
(2011-12-14) How the Jews Stole Christmas
(2011-12-20) Gingrich Grovels for the Jewish Vote
(2011-12-30) Jewry's Push to Stop Ron Paul
(2012-01-05) Who's Behind the Military Detention Act?
(2012-01-12) The Jewish War on Vladimir Putin
(2012-01-19) Has Jewry Infiltrated the Local Police
(2012-01-23) Obama's Unshakable Bondage to Bibi
(2012-02-02) The New Jewish Class Wars
(2012-02-07) Jewry's Push for War on Iran
(2012-02-14) Putin Trumps Zionist Plan for Syria
(2012-02-23) Who's Behind the Firing of pat Buchanan
(2012-03-01) The Church vs. the Synagogue
(2012-03-09) How Putin Will Change the World
(2012-03-17) Is Hillary Clinton a Zionist Shrill?
(2012-03-24) Jewish Imperialism & the US Military
(2012-03-29) The Mystery of Monastic Silence
(2012-04-03) SWIFT...Jewry's Weapon of Mass Destruction
(2012-04-09) Kissinger & the Jews
(2012-04-18) Messiah Came to Conquer Death
(2012-04-22) NSA's Jewish Spy Masters
(2012-04-29) CISPA - Internet Spy Bill Exposed
(2012-05-06) Who's Your Favorite Anti-Semite?
(2012-05-13) Obama's Alleged 'Same Sex' Past
(2012-05-20) The End of White America
(2012-05-27) Modern Man in a Jewish Age
(2012-06-03) The Jews Behind US Spy Drones
(2012-06-06) Woody's Allen's Vast Jewish Wasteland
(2012-06-17) Who Will Lead After Ron Paul?
(2012-06-26) Why Israel is a Threat to World peace
(2012-07-01) Three Faces of the Anti-Christ
(2012-07-08) America's Doomed Economy
(2012-07-15) Secrets of the Synagogue
(2012-07-22) Obama & UN Coming for Your Guns
(2012-07-29) Putin Foils the Jews in Syria
(2012-08-04) Will Israel be the Next World Power?
(2012-08-13) Banksters & the End of Cash
(2012-08-19) Pussy Riot's Global Showdown
(2012-08-25) Are Jews the Chosen People?
(2012-08-29) Homeland Security's Deadly Ammo Plan
(2012-09-05) Symbols of Rachel Corrie's Murder
(2012-09-12) Bad News for WikiLeaks
(2012-09-18) Anti-Amerikan Protests Exposed
(2012-09-25) Judaism & The Religion Of The Anti-Christ
(2012-10-02) Who Owns The Media 2012
(2012-10-11) Presidential Debates…No Jobs For Johnny
(2012-10-15) Rabbis Against Zionism
(2012-10-22) Today’s International Jew
(2012-10-29) The Obama Hoax Finally Revealed
(2012-11-05) How The Jews Control Elections
(2012-11-14) Obama’s New Social Order
(2012-11-19) Israel...Butchers Of Gaza
(2012-11-27) Petraeus Under Jewry’s Thumb

(????-??-??) Brother Nathanael - Interview in Times Square
(????-??-??) 8 minutes of audio over video with Bro Nat (BN)
(????-??-??) 10 minutes of audio over video with Bro Nat (BN)
(????-??-??) 17 minutes of audio over video with Bro Nat (BN)


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