Monday, December 10, 2012

Black hyena slaughters most of White family

Dark hyena predator makes its kill on White father and his 6 and 4 year old daughters. A 6 month old daughter in the house at the time was spared. And the born killer couldn't get to the mother as she wasn't present during the primitive and brutal attack. So the evil creature only got three of the five family members. Police are in full investigation mode and aren't releasing many details. Which is to be expected as any early releases of information or details would only benefit the hyena and his court appointed attorney's. As any statements he would make concerning the crime and his actions could later be denied on the basis that he didn't confess to them and they were not his words. They were the words of the media and/or police. But they did offer one small detail, and that was that at least one of the victims was stabbed to death. So at least us Whites have that particular visualization, that of at least one of those precious White babies being repeatedly stabbed to death by the inhumane and savage hyena beast. I guess that’s about all I’m going to say about this disgusting case. After-all, I am on a Google Blog and would like to keep this one for awhile.

If there is indeed a God, if there is indeed a future kingdom come, please place these souls who have suffered unimaginable pain above mine in that future utopia. But if it’s all a lie, what a terrible trick to play on human beings. As there is no hope and this life is meaningless. But what’s worse, death is just as cheap as the soulless  hyena beast.

Bobby Jean Galbraith+Adiele Crutchfield+Marley Crutchfield+Riakos Lizana

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