Thursday, December 13, 2012

Social worker sent into ghetto to assist government leeches, stabbed to death

Besides actually allowing evil, hate filled and enraged hyena predators to dwell within the same civilization as we do, there's only one thing I can think of that would be worse. And that is, sending innocent and un-streetwise White female human beings into the dark predators lair. I mean these dark creatures are arrogant, ruthless, uncivilized, uncaring, and born killers. And unlike a domesticated or even a wild animal, these undomesticated animals will kill with a full plate sitting before them or even with an already full belly. These ravenous, gluttonous, lowlife, snake in the grass evil things will kill for the sake of the kill. To send a tender, loving, harmless and defenseless White female into the den of the devil without at least one bodyguard makes no sense whatsoever. I mean SOB man! If you’re going to send her into the jungle, at least have one bastard armed with a spear standing at her side!

And for what purpose are they sent? They are sent to assist these ingrates. To help the scum of society in whatever way they can. I mean GD man, our anti-white, warmongering, jew run government has been attempting to help and assist these government underlings for decades. And it’s quite obvious, these born-killer predators are beyond help. And in order to just attempt to help them, one must climb down in a dirty, nasty gutter. And once down in that gutter, most will find there is no one to help them climb back out. They are stuck with the lowlifes of the earth, the vagabonds, the tramps, the rapist and killers. Those whom are beyond any form of help or assistance because they can’t even help themselves. But what’s worse is that these useless, selfish and uncaring savages are unable if not unwilling to assist others. They simply lay at the trough and suck, suck and suck. Yet they are more than capable and willing to inflict as much pain and suffering on as many decent people as they can. Because that’s what useless bastards do, they hurt, they do not help.


25 y/o Stephanie (Steffanie) Ross, sent by a government-funded private company into a dark ghetto to assist those who are beyond assistance. And it was just a matter of time before one of the dark lowlife, government leeches looked at her with evil and hatred in its heart that few could fathom or understand. And as the soulless and primitive creature looked upon her and at those tender and delicate European features, the more jealous, envious and enraged it became. And with anger and resentment enough to seek to do her harm, the young and beautiful blue-eyed woman with the soft skin and light brown hair, perished from off the face of this earth. After being chased down a ghetto street and viciously stabbed to death. At one time I wondered when the White man would rise up and put a stop to this savagery against his race. Especially atrocities against his women. But then I realized he has no power. The power lies with the anti-white government who seeks to end White existence from this earth. And of course the power of death. The power of these government tools to murder at will. And man, when one can dictate or act as God, that’s a lot of power. I more than understand why the government turned these evil savages loose to prey upon us now. I more than understand how they then placed them beyond reproach and high upon a pedestal. It’s death, death to the White race...

Chinese Proverb: The darker a man is, the more evil in his heart.

Yeah OK, for the sake of the above proverb, I will consider this evil abomination a “man.”
Lucifer ‘Lucious’ Smith - when you’ve encountered one of these things boy, you’ve met the lowest of the low.

 Stephanie (Steffanie) Ross+Lucious Smith

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