Friday, December 7, 2012

Black hyena guns White female down in cold blood while making store run

 Black hyena guns White female down in cold blood while making store run

Linda Hunnicutt below. Callously gunned down in gas station parking lot in what police described as a "random act of violence." And we all should know by now what "random" means. It's Marxist media/authoritative speak artfully, shrewdly and as vaguely as possible, describing how a White human being had been attacked and/or slaughtered by an enraged and hate-filled black hyena for no other reason than pure, unadulterated contempt, hate and animosity. It’s a means to control terminology so as to dictate ideology. For those who control our speech, also control our thoughts. And because this is yet another outright murder of an innocent White victim, it was automatically and prior to any investigations at all, just already known as... “a random act.” Yet if the races were reversed, and it was a White who had shot down in cold blood, and without regard, concern or reason, a black hyena, of course that would be anything but “random.” And we all know what it would be. The Marxist system has been ruthless and unrelenting in drumming the guilt-ringing words into our heads - it would have been a well plotted, planned and methodical, if not premeditated ---- > HATE CRIME!

The cost of allowing violent and hateful hyena predators to dwell amongst you.
Slaughtered in the streets innocents such as shown below. Linda Hunnicutt.

The victim shown with her three grandchildren...

The three minus their grandmother. Three more victims of “random
acts of violence” committed by black haters and against their race.



Dense, dumb, arrogant, selfish and contrary to any and all forms of decency, civility and compassion. Protected and harbored by an anti-white government with an agenda. And that agenda is the promotion of evil and the destruction of good. Unfortunately for this beast at this time, the creature was settled into a nation of law and will face at least some measure of that law for its actions. But like South Africa and the former Rhodesia, the crimes in which it will be charged with, at some point in the future will not be a crime at all. As it will be legal to kill the “White devil” with impunity.

Linda Hunnicutt-Frank Louis Reeves

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