Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NY jew rape victim in defensive training in Israel

Of course if a White female rape victim went to say France to do the same exact thing,  it would be considered as “racist” - but in any case, good on her, I hope she takes a few of them out someday. GD hyena predators, I don’t like them much.

Thin, frail jewish girl, to be honest I wish she’d stay in Israel (Palestine) but she’ll be back in the states. A vampire can’t feast off other vampires so she must return to the states to feast off a majority White host. And us Whites folks are easy, we’ll allow the last drop of blood to be sucked from our bodies. She’ll probably become a liberal social worker, immigration advocate or maybe even something in the legal field.  But whatever it will be, it will be something anti-white - almost guaranteed.


Raise that chin up girl, you’ve done nothing wrong....

Oh yea, I love it, a young female must be capable of protecting herself.

Black hyenas, dense, dumb and dangerous. They’ve forced the entire country to seek gun laws so people could protect themselves against attack. I think their petite jewish female victim will be ready for them next time. Yea.

I guess it could go without saying but... if they prostituted their own females out, guess they wouldn’t make much money huh?

As a side note, I hope the worst to any male who abused that jewish girl above. Of all the females in the world ready and willing, and you sick MF’s went to black hyena pimps to do the dirty.  Disgusting and the more one thinks on it, the more disgusting it becomes.


Four thugs nabbed in eight-year rape saga of Brooklyn woman


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