Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jesse Jackson's gun protest attracts 3 people

 This past Saturday, the anachronistic and increasingly irrelevant Reverend Jesse Jackson called for an anti-violence rally against 25 gun ranges in the United States. ...

Jackson’s so-called rally at the Action Impact gun range did have an unintended effect. He actually brought the so-called divided people — whites and blacks — together to mount a counter-protest. Jackson’s designated minion, the Operation Push Detroit chairman, and two other people doubling as props were given a most proper reception from about 50 freedom and gun loving folks of all hues.

The aforementioned demonstration did garner interest from the local media. However, when the event unfolded, it was quite evident that Jackson’s message was ignored by a community over-run with violent criminals and local law enforcement’s ability to keep crime in check. In fact, as of June 10th there have been 152 homicides in the city of Detroit alone per DPD’s website. Jackson has lost touch with the community he is trying to lead.


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