Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Four vile tribesmen go on trial for callous slaughter of young White engineer

On 4/16/10 four African hunter/gatherers set about foraging and hunting for whatever there was to gather or kill. But unlike in generations past, the undomesticated “Wildman” and jungle hunter/gatherer was not in search of food or sustenance. Nor were the beasts of the field creatures in their historic territorial confounds of fields, jungles, forests and the like. The lowland primitive-primate descendants were after hard cash and hot bling. And it’s hunting grounds were deep inside a civilized nation, a US state. But most importantly, its quarry was not of rats, snakes or of any other small animal for that matter. It’s hunt was for human beings. More specifically, “White human beings.” White human prey, to beat, rob, rape and/or kill at will.

Soon their hunt set them upon a young, White engineer, 23 year-old Christopher “Kyser” Miree. They spotted their prey at a local ATM machine. And once spotted, they tracked him to his home where they immediately plotted to rob if not kill him. And it really didn’t matter to the primitive-primate descendents what happened. White life holds no value to these subhuman beasts.

The plot thickened to past a point of no return when the dark hyenas knocked on the young engineer’s door. And they barged inside when he answered. And just as soon as they rushed in, they demanded cash and bling. That‘s when the trigger-jigger shot and ended the life as well as any future the 24 year-old may have had.

The first hyena, the trigger-jigger, was just convicted. His three homies, seeking leniency, testified against him. There is no doubt of his guilt, what is in doubt is if he pulled the trigger purposely or accidentally. Of course he claims it was an accident, he claims he was swinging the gun (to pistol whip his White victim) when it ’accidentally’ went off, shooting him in the head and dead. While the prosecution is claiming outright murder. The differences are the difference between life or death. And this is what the jury is deliberating - was it an accident or was it cold-blooded murder? Is the murder by racist and hate filled hyena predators worth a sentence of life w/o parole, life with, or, is it worthy of a sentence of death? But, there’s a lil mud tossed into the equation in Alabama (where the crime occurred). It would take 10 of the 12 jurors to vote for death in order for the death penalty to be imposed. It would take 7 of the 12 for a life without sentence to be imposed. Anything less than those figures and the sentence would be life with parole. I don’t know what “life” means in Alabama but in some states it means about 20 years before becoming eligible for parole. A young 20-something hyena could be out on the streets and ready to “accidentally” shoot another young White person in the head if that would be the sentence. Which, if the defense did their part in selectively picking jurors out, that is what is set to take place. The jury is out for the night (6/19/12) and will resume deliberating tomorrow morning - guess we’ll see what takes place tomorrow. At least I hope it’s tomorrow, but it sounds like to me those hyenas on the jury are hanging tough. Probably talking that BS about; “how’s they be hatin ta ruin a young man’s life by ‘sentencing him to death.” And, of how’s dat manz can be rehabilitated, as hims juss mades a lil mistakes, and dats all dis wuz about etc etc.

As a side note, the state-paid attorney got enough taxpayer money to hire a jewish “forensic psychologist” to assist his hyena client - I mean you all know what they are, right? A GD liberal, anti-white quack with some relationship, association or degree with (or in) the justice system and/or in criminology. Ok, so what does an attorney need a $125 an hour jewish one of those in the courtroom for? To try and show the human side of the subhuman hyena beast! To explain away the creatures actions by how bad a home-life/childhood it had! There’s a 24 year-old dead White man buried six foot down in the ground! WTF does that have to do with another MF’s home-life  when he was 11-12 years old!? And what in the hell does it have to do with law!? An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a jigger hyena’s neck belongs in a noose! And there isn’t no objectivity set in place that deviates from that course of action! It doesn’t say, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but if yo daddy filled yo asshole with 9” of black dik then yo head can escape that noose! So F all that jew-jive “forensic psychologist” BS man! It’s bad enough they allow bleeding heart liberal UWs, colorblind females and conniving/manipulative jigger hyenas on the jury! But to add in the jew psychological and motivational BS is just toooo much! We have all the evidence we need, that boy’s body laying six foot down! Hang this GD jigger already! Matter of fact, why the F is the creature still breathing air for!?

That jury spending all this time deliberating is bothering me. It should have been a cut and dry case. But I know what those White folks are up against. Most of them voted for the death penalty while the jiggers on the jury are wanting the least that their hyena brethren can get. Those White folks are arguing with logic against jigger illogicality. Those jiggers are talking that BS about how the killer hyena and predator can he rehabilitated and crap like that. But there’s no way in hell to rehabilitate a GD jigger hyena. Fukk. The White man has spent hundreds of years and trillions of dollars trying to rehabilitate just one black beast. And hadn’t rehabilitated not one to date!


Below, the White victim this time - 24 year old Christopher “Kyser” Miree - was employed by the Chevron Corp. I mean what can a person say here? Hyenas love to victimize White people. They have no regard for human life. I guess I could hold a candle lit vigil, maybe even say a prayer or something, but sheesh, it’s a little too late for that huh? I can’t wish justice for this man, too late for that, the hyenas made for damn sure of that. Really all I can do is hope like hell there really is a God and he’s a White God of vengeance. And that’s what I want, I what vengeance, I want revenge! I’d like to tell these jigger hyenas that look you ugly MF’s, you’re just not going to strut around in this once civilized country like friggin wild tribesmen on the hunt. Raping, robbing, beating and killing our people at will! And when you do there isn’t going to be no rehabilitation attempts, jury deliberations or jewish “forensic psychologists” to talk about your daddy’s dik. No, there’s going to be swift and intense retaliation! Like these four primitive-primates in this case, the jury is deliberating between life and death. F that man. I’ll tell you what I’d do if I could. And I’d be fair with these jiggers. I’d tell them look you subhuman savages, you killed an innocent and young White man with a bright future and here’s what’s going to happen to you. I’m going to take this GD baseball bat here and break both your GD legs, and then, I’m going to use that same baseball bat and break both your F’n arms. But I’m not going to kill you with the baseball bat, no. After I break every F’n bone in your body with it, I’m going to grab your GD lowlife black ass up, and drag it to a F’n tree. A big, stout and beautiful tree. Maybe even an old oak tree. And as you will undoubtedly see, there’s going to be a rope daggling from that pretty tree. And that’s what will end your useless ass’s existence upon this earth and from within this civilized country. Because, you lowdown, hunter/gathering kinky haired freaks of nature, I’m going to slide that rope over that slimy neck of yours and slowly pull the MF up until your dark feet with the white undersides are in mid air. You see what I’m saying? You don’t have to be unfair to the mofos, just explain to them what your doing and why your doing it. That’s all.

Damn man, does anyone else find this troubling?

Below, this is how the prosecutor demonstrated where the White man was shot. If this is accurate, can a little, short jig be swinging a pistol at someone, as in to pistol whip them, and it “accidentally” fired at that angle?  I mean hey, I’m kinda stoopid, maybe one of you ole smart mofos can explain it to me?

Below, the trigger-jigger. The SOB couldn’t claim self-defense, all three of his homies turned on him, all he could do was say; “aye shots de wite manz by accident.” Well you know what? I don’t believe the MF. I just don’t think of hyena predators/killers as honest. I hope the dirty bastard gets even darker in the electric chair. But I doubt that will happen. Those Alabama jiggers on the jury just aren’t going to let him fry. Watch.

Below, all four of the jigs involved. Not too damned long ago they would have been on the African plains, hunting and/or gathering. Some African witch doctor may have even shoved 8-9” of African witch doctor dik down their throats before the hunt, for good luck. And during their foraging, they would have been lucky just to find a small rodent to share or even a few berries to fight over. They would have been damn lucky to strut across a half eaten lion kill, something they could have feasted off of all night. But here in America they hunt White people. The third world savages live a first rate lifestyle by hunting and gathering for and from White people. Just look in any major city in America. The c*cksuckers are given those big, fat, juicy government jobs. With those lip smacking salaries, health care packages and pension plans. All paid for by bad, bad whitey. Many of their offspring are sent to White schools or at least to schools paid for by whitey. All while they bitch, moan, groan and wheel, deal and steal. And all this and more, just so the jigger savage can live a first rate lifestyle beyond their wildest dreams, one unobtainable in their native environment. And through an alien jew-run media and Marxist system they are cuddled, coddled and classified above all. The Marxist system has taught them they can do no wrong, lest it be because of a “racist” White system designed to make them fail. All their ills, ails, and faults are because of bad, bad whitey. All their resentment, anger and bitterness must be addressed, answered and corrected by the White man. They live under a jewish lie of equality, that they are equal to or better than the White race. Even as Whites have made an innumerable number of accomplishments, marvels and have made the world stand in awe and take notice of their imagination and ingenuity. A once proud race that while second to none, have been slapped down and taught to live as third class citizens while forced to worship lowlife ape-like creatures in sport and song. One cannot even open a magazine, turn a TV on or go to a sports event without being insulted by the appearance of one of these evil, ugly, dark, slimy and greasy skinned satanic creatures.

And then to add insult to injury, all Whites have been forced to feel  guilt and shame for enslaving these barbaric beasts! While it was the White man who not only ended slavery for them but, to much of the rest of the world and the entire western White world. Slavery is thousands of years older than freedom. And would have been thousands of more years older if it weren’t for the White race ending it! And the White man was not the first slave holder nor will he be the last. There’s slavery and bondage throughout the entire non-white world. But all a white-hating jewish-Marxist system pumps out over and over and over again is of how the White man enslaved the poor, kind and noble jigger! The word “slavery” comes from the word “Slav” - as in the White Slavs (slaves) who were held in bondage centuries prior to any African selling members of his race off to jewish slave traders. “Slav” a people, “ery” a suffix, meaning “action.“ Thus “slavery.“ Maybe you ole smart, white-hating liberal freaks can figure it out from there.

As mentioned, slavery is thousands of years older than freedom and guess where freedom came from? - from White people! White people ended African slavery (in the west), slavery in much of the rest of the world and, in ALL White nations! And Whites had fought hard and many had died while fighting for freedom! We fought too damned hard to now become the slaves of slaves and in bondage to a Marxist, jewish, Communist, white-hating system designed to destroy Whites worldwide!!! What do you big, bad, tough and smart MF’s think about that!? WTF are you going to do? whip out the jew-coined word “racist” on me? Fukk you!

Listen you four sub animal dark beast below, I’ll tell you what, I’m going to be fair with you MF’s. I’m not going to bang on your door and then shoot your mama or daddy in their GD heads and claim how it was an “accident.” No, I’m going to be a straight-shooter with you MF’s. I’m going to go get my food stamp baseball bat and break both your FK’n legs, them I’m going to get that White pussy scented baseball bat of  mine and break both your GD arms. But don’t worry about it, it will be OK,  I’m going to talk to you all as I do it. And I’m going to explain to your black asses exactly what I’m fixin to do and before I do it. Now next, I’m going to get your welfare checks, the money they took out of whitey’s paycheck in the form of taxes, it’s wrapped around another baseball bat of mine. And I’m going to break every rib in your miserable bodies with it, OK? And then I’m going to snatch your asses up by your affirmative-action necks, and bus them out to the equal rights tree. Now once we get to the equal rights tree, you may or may not notice the hiring preference and quota rope and yes, that mofo will rise just as high and as fast you want it to. And it’s quota is right at 100% jigger participation. But you MF’s are no longer large and in charge. So we’ll tarry with just how high and fast we want the hiring preference rope to go and with a 100% jigger participation rate, we‘ll guarantee you a spot. And after that, you all will be jigger-dead. But your journey doesn’t end there. When we plop your ass back to the racist ground, we load ya’ll up in a 1972 low-rider Cadillac. And don’t worry, it will be fitted with all the jigger trinkets and bling that you all were accustomed to. Everything from a leopard skin top, to wide whitewall tires, shiny rims, a playboy fuzzy dangling from the rearview mirror and of course a huge hood ornament to thrill the oncoming traffic. And then we’re going to load you up on the soon to be out of business Goldberg Airlines for a one way trip back to the motherland. And once over the motherland, there will be an F16 appear in the sky and it will shoot the Goldberg Airline plane down so as to repatriate and assimilate your asses nice and proper like and back where they always belonged.

And once all you MF’s have been shipped back, we will work on our jew-run anti-white government problem. Where after a fair trial, where as many “forensic psychologists” as needed will be allowed to testify. And upon conviction, all the kikes, kike-alikes and traitors will be joining you. After all, they love Africa as they’ve sent  millions and billions of dollars over there, ostensibly to cure your AIDS and feed your starving little babies. Even though we knew these money schemes were only to loot and steal from us, we were F’d in the head liberals so we acted like we believed the lies. We wanted to be PC you know? And what would it seem like if we argued against sending money to cure jigger diseases or even denied feeding the little dark creatures? It would appear as if we were indifferent, “racist” and didn’t love our jiggers as much as we knew we must.

And after our country had been restored to its former glory, we would celebrate diversity, multiculturalism and of how we’re all different and we’re all the same. Like as in brown eyes, blues eyes, green eyes, Italian, French, German, southern folk, northern folk, midwestern, east coast, west coast, we’ll celebrate each and every one of our differences and of how we’re all different and we’re all the same! Now, you all can curse and belittle me as much as you want. But gosh.... what a beautiful dream huh?

But in any case, we’ve got us a jigger problem and a damned serious one at that. Four problems displayed below...


Forensic Psychologist Rosenzweig said that based on her investigation, the killing was an "impulsive act on his part that he regretted a great deal."


Life is beautiful, life is precious, preserve it in any way you can. I hate religion but I love the Bible. And one item comes to mind, White folks, children of light.... be wise as serpents.


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