Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kosher Jones said to be losing listeners/supporters because of ties to Zionists/Zionism

 The pro-Jewish Alex Jones show, run and backed by Jews and hosted by a man with a Jewish wife and children, has been slowly plunging in views on Youtube and it’s main site. A look at the comments sections alone show very few comments these days on the increasingly turgid output of the channel.


Listeners first became suspicious when Jones used CIA double-agent and internationalist communist Webster Tarpley as his source during the Libyan war allowing the Alex Jones Show to obliquly support the war by joining with the controlled international Zionist Jewsmedia in defaming the leader of Libya and not reporting the fact that Muammar Gadaffi had 85% support in the country and that Libya had the highest standard of childrens, women and human rights in the Muslim World. That education, health services, water, housing, electricity and petrol were free and that every family got a periodic cheque in the post for their share of the oil wealth. Nor did Jones report that the war was started by Israeli/French agent Bernard Henry Levy on behalf of the House of Rothschild of whom Levy is military field commander:


Jones’s agreement with his Jewish bosses that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis must if possible be mentioned on the hour if not the half hour and that all guests must do the same is peeving listeners. Jones wild and exaggerated claims about Adolf Hitler and his quotations from venal Jewish translations of Mein Kampf sound even more bizarre as thousands of people every week are learning the real truth about him and Germany from alternative historical revisionist sources like the Institute for Historical Review and authorities like Ernst Zundel, Mark Weber, Carolyn Yeager, David Irving and others.

The task set to Jones by his Jewish bosses is to convince people that the New World Order and plans for a One World Government are being carried out by “Nazi eugenicists and megabanks” when everyone knows that with rare exceptions at the top like crypto-Jew David Rockerfeller, almost all the leaders of the New World Order are Jewish, in particular it’s leader and the apex of the pyramid of transnational Zionism; the House of Rothschild. And when he does take on the issue he does so in terms only of ‘Zionism’ saying that Israel/US are behind the wars when as David Icke rightly points out, both countries are merely fiefdoms of the House of Rothschild whose relations and puppets control the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.



Alex Jones Agent Of Zion, And Gleiwitz ~Carolyn Yeager



  1. Another zionist lapdog George Noori of Coast To Coast AM promotes Kosher Jones on his show.Fitting.

  2. David Icke has now outed himself as well!