Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SC. - Dime a dozen negroes invade workplace of 33-yo mother of 4 and shoot her dead

SC. - Dime a dozen negroes invade workplace of 33-yo mother of 4 and shoot her dead

Fed-up with negro crime, the hard-working woman resisted. That‘s when the frightened negroes opened up and shot her at least two times in her body. Then they immediately run off like whimpering hyenas. The Mexican police chief (Ruben Santiago) commented how this was a ‘senseless act.’ Yeah 'chief' senseless, that’s what negroes are. I’d say it’s more absurd and completely ridiculous. But I'm referring to how White Americans have allowed every shred of racial pride and cohesiveness to be slapped right out of them. And slapped so hard they’ve become delusional, confused and demoralized. And to such a degree they can’t even mount a proper defense against their tormentors and antagonists. I also feel it’s totally irrational and ludicrous for White people to allow nothing more than jungle savages to roam freely amongst them - all while being picked off one by one. And even more ‘senseless’ than the negroes themselves, lies in the fact that White people aren’t more sensible. At least sensible enough to rise up by the millions and put a stop to the abuses against their people. Especially their womenfolk. And they could stop it, if they were more sensible that is. And that’s what I want to know 'chief,' why aren’t they? Can you fill us in on that Ruben Santiago? Or at least tell us... if the victim were a Mexican female, would you (and the media) pass it off as a ‘senseless act,’ or would you and your people rise up and make sense out of it? IE; discuss it, analyze it, do something about it. Hey, maybe it was ‘racist?’ Perhaps the victim was selected because of her race?? Maybe the negroes wouldn’t have entered into that building and shot that woman dead if she looked like their mammy?  Perhaps it‘s time to look into that angle? But ‘senseless,’ what a meaningless word in this case. Wrong place wrong time - robbery gone bad - random act of violence - senseless act - yeah White folks, it's all that. You all are being slaughtered at your workplaces, in your homes and on the streets in this country yet, the root causes of why, are never addressed or discussed. And I think the sensible thing to do would be to gain understanding as to the reasons why. And I think an obvious conclusion would be reached, and a sensible outcome would result. White people are being purposely selected for any and all types of barbaric crimes by jungle savages and once an encounter takes place, the savages couldn’t care less what happened to their White victims. And there’s a good chance their White victims will end up being stabbed, beaten, raped and/or shot to death. And of course, the only sensible thing to do would be to rise up and put a stop to it. And I don’t need no damn government stooges (at any level) to cheapen any incident to tell me how ‘senseless’ it was. I already know that, that’s the obvious. What is hidden is why decent White folks continue to allow it to happen. And ‘chief’ Ruben Santiago ---- >  FU!!!

ETA-Expose Them All


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