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Missouri - Failed black school districts are now allowed to 'select' which White school district they want to transfer their failed students to

Missouri - Failed black school districts are now allowed to 'select' which White school district they want to transfer their failed students to - per recent Missouri supreme court ruling - yet another busing scheme. The court ruling allows failed blacks to freely choose which White school district they want to destroy, err, to send their young thugs to. And the school districts affected have little choice in the matter. Whites, just like how it all began, with the Brown v the Board of Education fiasco, gets screwed again by a Marxist and anti-white court system. Democracy and the will of the people my ass, all it took was seven judges to determine the fates of thousands upon thousands of people. Thousands of people who never had the chance to vote on if they wanted dark ghetto trash dominating the halls of their schools while calling Whites ‘crackers’ and groping the Whites girls. And these seven Marxist judges have undoubtedly set in place millions upon millions of dollars in future ‘discrimination’ lawsuits which will be brought by blacks who will claim that whitey just don‘t love them enough. And all the White athletes now who will lose their positions as they will be given to the feral black invaders so as not to be ‘racist.’

Why didn’t these seven lowlife, lowdown, sacks of supreme court judge sh*ts, just explain to the blacks that look man, you all are equal and the same as Whites.... and you black bastards better do whatever it takes to improve those GD backward ass schools of yours or else. And the “or else” is, ‘that’s it’ - that’s all we can do for you, you all are on your own. And also, while they’re at it, just tell the blacks.... look here blacks, we’re supreme court judges, we’re some smart MF’s and we know WTF black schools are for. And they’re not for the students, who are incapable of learning. They are for the unqualified teachers, principals, board members and all the other ex-con school employees. Those schools are so you all can suck from the government trough, live that first class lifestyle, lick on those juicy government pensions and lay up on your asses at first chance on those first class taxpayer funded insurance packages. We know what’s up man, we’re not stupid and thus, our ruling is, we have no GD ruling! You’re equal and the same as Whites - figure the sh*t out yourselves!

Oh gosh, the blacks are in trouble again - send them out to the White schools!

Missouri Supreme Court...

Riverview Gardens School District (North St. Louis County) formally 100% White and now damn near 100% Black, votes to send its failing students to the mostly White Mehlville School District. (Mehlville would be 100% White if it weren't for the interracial breeders and the federal government’s programs of paying for black's rent in White areas.)

Black School District 'Riverview Gardens' (Video)

Majority White School District 'Mehlville' (Video)

Note, towards the end of the report in the video above, it’s also reported how the failed Normandy School District (North St. Louis County) (another formally White and now failed black school district) will be sending its students to the Francis Howell School District. The Francis Howell School District is in another county, St. Charles County, and is another majority White school district.

What’s absolutely amazing about these transfers is that not long ago, North St. Louis Country was ALL White and its schools were healthy, safe and progressive. And the two White school districts (Mehlville and Francis Howell) were brought into existence (more or less) as a direct result of blacks being relocated from St. Louis City into North St. Louis County. Now that the blacks have destroyed the once White North St. Louis County schools, they are being transferred right out to the areas they had caused to be created in the first place. By ‘White Flight.“ As these two areas, Mehlville and Francis Howell, are where many Whites had fled to. To be far removed from the negro menace!

I once lived in North St. Louis County - when it was White. I lived through part of the government’s forced integration scheme. That’s what kicked it all off in North St. Louis County. I wrote of some of my experiences here or below...


See Link Above


Links in reference to the school transfers....

Black Riverview Gardens School District selects White South County School District (Mehlville) for student transfers

White Mehlville's quality of education won't be impacted by white-hating, racist black student transfers


The Francis Howell School District Website

Below, concerning school transfers (basically telling the Whites, hey, the courts F‘d us again man!)

On June 11, 2013, the Missouri Supreme Court handed down its decision on the Breitenfeld v. School District of Clayton case. This means that students in an unaccredited school district may elect to attend a school in an accredited district in the same or an adjoining county, including St. Charles County. The two unaccredited school districts in the greater St. Louis area are Normandy and Riverview Gardens—both of which are in St. Louis County. The unaccredited school districts must choose at least one district to which they will provide transportation for resident students wishing to attend school in an accredited district.
Normandy School District has selected the Francis Howell School District as their transferring District. Families may choose other districts to provide their children’s education, but if a different district is chosen, transportation will become the responsibility of the parent.
As a resource, the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) has created the School Transfers web page as a resource to parents, families and the community for individuals looking to transfer students to FHSD schools.
Click on the links on the of the webpage to access supporting materials and documents regarding the student transfer process.
The Francis Howell School District (FHSD) is committed to providing a quality education for all students. FHSD has a strong commitment to educating our students and will work in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling while maintaining parents’ and community expectations of our schools.
If there are any questions about the student transfer process, please contact FHSD at 636-851-4000 or at fhsdtransfers@fhsdschools.org.


The Mehlville School District Website

I searched a couple different ways for info on this year’s forced school transfer student program without much success. Below...

ETA-Expose Them All

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