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Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) (video) (Banned from YouTube)

Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) (video) (Banned from YouTube)

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0:00         From “The Generation of National Identity” - A Declaration of War
0:05         We are Generation Identitaire.
0:07         We are the generation who get killed for glancing at the wrong person,
0:11         for refusing someone a cigarette, or having an “attitude” that annoys someone.
0:14         We are the generation of ethnic fracture,
0:17         total failure of coexistence, and forced mixing of the races.
0:20         We are the generation doubly punished: Condemned to pay into a social system
0:24         so generous with strangers it becomes unsustainable for our own people.
0:28         Our generation are the victims of the May ‘68’ers who wanted to liberate themselves
0:32         from tradition, from knowledge and authority in education.
0:35         But they only accomplished to liberate themselves from their responsibilities.
0:38         We reject your history books to re-gather our memories.
0:42         We no longer believe that “Khader” could ever be our brother,
0:45         we have stopped believing in a “Global Village” and the “Family of Man”.
0:48         We discovered that we have roots, ancestry and therefore a future.
0:52         Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity. We are the heirs to our own future
0:59         We turned off the TV to march the streets.
1:02         We painted our slogans on the walls. Cried through loudspeakers
1:06         for “youth in power” and flew our Lambda flags high.
1:11         The Lambda, painted on proud Spartans’ shields, is our symbol.
1:15         Don’t you understand what this means ? We will not back down, we will not give in.
1:20         We are sick and tired of your cowardice.
1:24         You are from the years of post-war prosperity, retirement benefits, S.O.S Racism and
1:29         “diversity”, sexual liberation and a bag of rice from Bernard Kouchner.
1:36         We are 25 percent unemployment, social debt, multicultural collapse
1:40         and an explosion of anti-white racism.
1:43         We are broken families, and young French soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
1:46         You won’t buy us with a condescending look,
1:49         a state-paid job of misery and a pat on the shoulder.
1:52         We don’t need your youth-policies. Youth IS our policy.
1:58         Don’t think this is simply a manifesto. It is a declaration of war.
2:02         You are of yesterday, we are of tomorrow.
2:05         We are Generation Identitaire.

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