Monday, March 18, 2013

Deep Strokers and Lip Lappers want to adopt Russian/Chinese children, bring them to the USA

Guess they don’t want the abundance of black ones already kicked back in the US…
Russian Foreign Ministry is investigating the story of the adoption of a Russian child by a same-sex couple in the U.S. Meanwhile, representatives of the State Duma are headed to France to remind deputies that under the Family Code of the Russian Federation a family is a union between a man and a woman. The gay community has been trying to convince us that same-sex couples can raise healthy children.

Yegor Shatabalov was adopted by a U.S. citizen Marcia Ann Brandt in 2007. The decision was made by Kemerovo regional court. The American acted as a criminal and did not disclose her homosexuality, which would eliminate the possibility of adopting a child in Russia. Now the Russian Foreign Ministry in cooperation with competent Russian authorities is establishing the circumstances of the adoption.

As discovered by the Russian Embassy in Washington, Brandt at the time of adoption had a spouse, Beth Chapman. In 2009, Brandt and Chapman broke up and met in court over custody of the child. Similar adoptions occurred in other countries.

A few years ago China grew suspicious of the increased number of single women from the U.S. and other countries that submitted applications for adoption. The Chinese, however, as usual, tried to save the face and actually lost it. Instead of limiting the adoption of their children to the countries where homosexuals are allowed to create a family and adopt children, they decided to require each suspicious candidate to submit a formal declaration of heterosexual orientation.

According to the sociological service Gallup, about 3.4 percent of the U.S. population is openly gay. Homosexuals and lesbians have formed 20,000 families in the United States. According to statistics, same-sex couples in 2009 were raising 30,000 adopted children. There is no information on how many of them are Russian. Continues

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