Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adolescent hyena predators shoot what they considered a White baby laying in its baby stroller

Adolescent hyena predators shoot what they considered a White baby laying in its baby stroller - point blank in the head and dead. While the baby had the appearances of being 100% White, the media has shown it to have been fathered by a third world invader. As far as a cold-blooded, hate filled, remorseless and psychopathic slaughter, you’ve got yourself one here. These dark, slimy skinned hyena predators are born killers of the worst kind. Through Marxist teachings, they have been taught to possess as much hate, display as much scorn, and,  make suffer the White race as much as they can and in anyway they can. And man, if anyone can find a more hateful, more disrespectable or to create more pain, anguish and agony to befall a member of the White race than by shooting their baby in the head, then please, please, step on up and spew it out!

Marxism, Cultural Marxism to be precise, a movement and system developed by the likes of jew Karl Marx. Its sole purpose was, and is, to destroy totally and completely the White Western world. But because that would be an impossibility with a cohesive, strong willed and fist ready White populace. A plan was devised, and that plan was Cultural Marxism - or as it’s better known today - ‘Politically Correctness.’ And as I’ve said many times; “PC is Marxism, Marxism is Communism and Communism is just one step away from being or becoming a murderous Bolshevik!”

Racism, a meaningless word that strikes fear into the hearts of even the strongest and toughest of men. Racism, a terminology invented by Marxists so as to control the thoughts of the people (ideology). For he who determines the ideology of a people also controls that people. (IE; in this case, ‘control’ - to restrain or limit something - in this situation - that something is speech). And for any who dare speak outside of Marxist ideologies that person would be considered as the worst type human being alive, more depraved than a homosexual pedophile, more wicked than a mass murderer - that person… would be a RACIST!

But first, the Marxist had to turn a first class educational system that actually educated, into a low class one that’s sole purpose was indoctrination. And a healthier media and entertainment industry that was somewhat educational and entertaining into an unhealthy, evil, biased, and Communistic brainwashing mechanism. And of course turning our religion and religious institutions into state sanctioned, state incorporated ‘businesses.’ Business that shall and are shut down via loss of charter should they not adhere to government regulated theology and who actually ‘teached and preached’ from the Bible. That’s how the Bible, Christianity’s most important and holiest religious doctrine, went from being “White and Christian” into a book all about jews. I mean anybody who believes any of that BS you all believe, why not convert into a jew? Why the hell would you want to remain in Christianity yet believe it’s all about satanic jews? And of course I could go on and on with this, such as Marxist ideologies or beliefs or at least what they want you to believe… a homosexual male is the same as a family man, blacks are just as progressive if not more so than Whites, a utopian society is not one made up of like-minded, cohesive people who share the same racial genes or who are of the same religion, culture, heritage… etc-etc - to them, the cultural Marxists, the perfect society is one comprised of those with different religions, different races, different cultures and who are all destined to be tossed in the mythical ‘melting pot’ - and blended into zombie-like creatures who have a brain that functions but, just not at full capacity. You see, Cultural Marxism is all about hurting you, destroying you, removing your White genes from the face of the earth. Whites are, or were (?) the only thing standing in their way. I mean listen, no non-white nation or peoples are talking that BS about ‘multiculturalism’ - and of how they must allow in millions of those unlike themselves. And then called ‘racist’ if they refused or fought back in any way. No, it’s only White nations and peoples who are being told they must give away or destroy what is theirs. Why can’t they, the Marxists, just kill off a 100 million of so of us, rob us blind and then make a utopia somewhere just for themselves? Because they already tried that, they killed off millions of White Christian Russians. They looted from them, stole from them but, because the Russian people remained a homogenous nation - they came back! So, these Communists, Bolshevists, Zionists supremacists and haters have developed a new plan. A plan that will make for damn sure that once the White race is destroyed, it will NEVER come back! Marxism, that’s them, Politically Correct, that’s you. Same team, same side, basically the same ideologies - they’re telling you to do what you do because of love, tolerance and acceptance, and of course to prove YOU’RE not racist! - but they are doing it for opposite reasoning, other than love, tolerance and acceptance, they’re doing it for HATE! They hate you, they will NOT tolerate you and, they have NEVER accepted YOU! You dumb PC Goy! Now, I’m done with this paragraph - as Yankee Jim would say; “You wanna know some more? -- Googa Da Shiet!”

The mother in this case, who watched as her pride and joy was victimized by savages, she is a victim of Marxism at least twice. Once because of the utter contempt and hate instilled within the savages who killed her baby via a shot to the head, and then when she laid with a third world invader. An unwilling victim in one, a willing victim in the other but, a victim nonetheless. And I’m damned tired of victims of PC Marxism, both the ones shot in the head and those who become f*cked in the head.

The Marxists (PC) like to tell us things have changed, they are different now. This isn’t 1940 or 1950 - hell man, this is 2013. We now must worship Communist jews, love Marxist blacks, accept millions of Mexican invaders to live with us, yeah man, this is 2013 now! They are just like us they will say. We all bleed red, we are the same race - the human race. We are all different yet we are all the same! The Marxist even thought up a lil jingle for the high school and college girls, (remember, schools don’t educate, they indoctrinate) - let‘s go girls! “We Don’t Hate and We Don’t Discriminate!” ---- 2013 - we must work and live next to a man with a face smeared with ruby-red blush, a body splattered with jasmine perfume, sporting a low-cut blouse and a high-cut skirt - with the head of his cobra dangling below it. And if we don’t call him “Smittens” as he commands, he will claim we are intolerant, hateful and homophobic. We must really believe that Communist Martin Luther King was some type of a great man. Great for who? The White race? What he ever do for us? And that tiny Germany, fighting tooth and nail against Communism and Bolshevism, (the same things we fight against today) - and that him and his tiny nation really wanted to ‘takeover the world’ and of course to kill all jews. Hitler was a nationalist, he was a “NAZI” - aka - (take the jewish derogatory smear off of it and)… NAZI NS = a “National Socialist” - thus he (nor his political party - National Socialists) were internationalist! Internationalists, that’s who’s really trying to takeover the world! And they’ve about got it! They’ve cleared some obstacles out of the way thus far, some in the Middle East and some in North Africa and they‘re nibbling at more as I type this. They’re just waiting for the big one, the one that you will fight, the one that millions upon millions upon millions will perish, the one that once the dust settles they will offer an ‘out.‘ And the out they offer is that you have no rights except the right to live. Live as long as you play their game. Marxist liars,  brain-dead PC poodles and deceivers, the only thing that is different, the only thing that has changed, are your lies! Because I’ll tell you, morals, principles and ethics cannot and do NOT change! They remain the same from the beginning of time to the end! And decent, loving, caring and kind people still possess all those qualities, it’s the PC (liberal) freaks, fags and f*ckups who don’t!

And I’ll tell you all another thing, all you Marxist (PC), warped minded fools, you all have one thing in common with today’s Marxist (PC) politicians, elites and police, and that is… you all are psychopaths! And I mean of the worst kind too! Not only do you all lack conscience, empathy and feeling, not only are you all traitors and do not care what happens to your own people or nation, you all are greedy and selfish! You only care about yourselves! As the world is burning with war, as the greedy bankers are pillaging the nations, as the Marxists (PC-freaks) plot out their next pro-fag protest or stage their next pro-immigration event or scope out the next White victim for ‘racism’ - where are you loving and tolerant bastards when White babies are being slaughtered in the streets by those you claim to love? You all don’t love anybody, you all are the epitome of hate, you destroy everything you touch - you all are true and real PSYCHOPATHS! You’re just as guilty of murder as the savages that pulled the trigger

Oy Vey, I thinks I detected some racism and antisemitism within this message…. No you didn’t, what you detected was truth! And truth is hate to those whom hate to hear it!

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