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Missouri - Failed black school districts are now allowed to 'select' which White school district they want to transfer their failed students to

Missouri - Failed black school districts are now allowed to 'select' which White school district they want to transfer their failed students to - per recent Missouri supreme court ruling - yet another busing scheme. The court ruling allows failed blacks to freely choose which White school district they want to destroy, err, to send their young thugs to. And the school districts affected have little choice in the matter. Whites, just like how it all began, with the Brown v the Board of Education fiasco, gets screwed again by a Marxist and anti-white court system. Democracy and the will of the people my ass, all it took was seven judges to determine the fates of thousands upon thousands of people. Thousands of people who never had the chance to vote on if they wanted dark ghetto trash dominating the halls of their schools while calling Whites ‘crackers’ and groping the Whites girls. And these seven Marxist judges have undoubtedly set in place millions upon millions of dollars in future ‘discrimination’ lawsuits which will be brought by blacks who will claim that whitey just don‘t love them enough. And all the White athletes now who will lose their positions as they will be given to the feral black invaders so as not to be ‘racist.’

Why didn’t these seven lowlife, lowdown, sacks of supreme court judge sh*ts, just explain to the blacks that look man, you all are equal and the same as Whites.... and you black bastards better do whatever it takes to improve those GD backward ass schools of yours or else. And the “or else” is, ‘that’s it’ - that’s all we can do for you, you all are on your own. And also, while they’re at it, just tell the blacks.... look here blacks, we’re supreme court judges, we’re some smart MF’s and we know WTF black schools are for. And they’re not for the students, who are incapable of learning. They are for the unqualified teachers, principals, board members and all the other ex-con school employees. Those schools are so you all can suck from the government trough, live that first class lifestyle, lick on those juicy government pensions and lay up on your asses at first chance on those first class taxpayer funded insurance packages. We know what’s up man, we’re not stupid and thus, our ruling is, we have no GD ruling! You’re equal and the same as Whites - figure the sh*t out yourselves!

Oh gosh, the blacks are in trouble again - send them out to the White schools!

Missouri Supreme Court...

Riverview Gardens School District (North St. Louis County) formally 100% White and now damn near 100% Black, votes to send its failing students to the mostly White Mehlville School District. (Mehlville would be 100% White if it weren't for the interracial breeders and the federal government’s programs of paying for black's rent in White areas.)

Black School District 'Riverview Gardens' (Video)

(See Here For Videos)

Majority White School District 'Mehlville' (Video)

Note, towards the end of the report in the video above, it’s also reported how the failed Normandy School District (North St. Louis County) (another formally White and now failed black school district) will be sending its students to the Francis Howell School District. The Francis Howell School District is in another county, St. Charles County, and is another majority White school district.

What’s absolutely amazing about these transfers is that not long ago, North St. Louis Country was ALL White and its schools were healthy, safe and progressive. And the two White school districts (Mehlville and Francis Howell) were brought into existence (more or less) as a direct result of blacks being relocated from St. Louis City into North St. Louis County. Now that the blacks have destroyed the once White North St. Louis County schools, they are being transferred right out to the areas they had caused to be created in the first place. By ‘White Flight.“ As these two areas, Mehlville and Francis Howell, are where many Whites had fled to. To be far removed from the negro menace!

I once lived in North St. Louis County - when it was White. I lived through part of the government’s forced integration scheme. That’s what kicked it all off in North St. Louis County. I wrote of some of my experiences here or below...


Speaking of gun use . . .

I have a criminal record, I'd assume that I am banned from legally owning a gun for life.

When I was 19 years old I crushed a n*gger’s eye socket with a Saturday Night Special.

Myself and my then 18 year old girlfriend were driving in North St. Louis County. When she yelled out . . . ”that n*gger just flipped me off!”

The area in North St. Louis County (prior to the incident I am about to share), was a great place to live, work and raise a family. That was before North STL County was turned into a n*gger infested jungle. It all started with an area known as Castle Point.

The federal government wanted White neighborhoods to become a haven for n*ggers. Castle Point, a working class and an enormous neighborhood filled with cookie cutter homes in the suburbs was the first one chosen in St. Louis County. The government started buying up any and all homes that were on the market, they would gain title and simply donate them to n*ggers. The first few houses bought for this unfair and immoral endeavor were burned to the ground. To prevent this from happening over and over again, the next tribe of n*ggers to move into their ”new” neighborhood were followed and protected by fully armed National Guard members, as well as Army Troops and Police. All in full battle gear with automatic rifle in hand. While relocating the n*ggers, they were present twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Many Whites who opposed this transformation of their neighborhood were beaten and jailed. There would be no dissent, if they rebelled or fought back in any way, shape or form to this n*gger invasion, they had their asses beat. And I mean beat with skulls cracked by heavy handed black jack blows. Helicopters noisily flew overhead each and every night, all night, complete with spot lights that turned night into day. It was difficult to sleep at night because of the noise. My neighborhood had literally become a war zone.

The first wave of invaders, the small tribes of city dwelling resettled n*ggers were acting the part of wounded and abused puppy's, whining about ”why don't they love us - why they be bigots, etc.?” Later on, as their numbers increased the whining became threats. When they so much as saw a White walking the street (as long as fully armed members of the government were standing nearby) they would taunt and tease us - yelling out - ”f*ck all yall” - dis heer soon be our neighborhoods - yall betta gets out whiles yo can - we gunna f*ck all yalls daughters - stupid bigots - get out . . . etc, etc.” They could only say things like this because they were protected by gun toting federal thugs. Back then White people had heart, they would gut a n*gger or string his ass up in a tree in a heartbeat. There wasn't any BS about it. Of course, the exception to the norm was when fully armed troops have not only brought in the invaders but, became the invaders protectors as well. This was forcible integration that many may not be aware of, yet it happened, and it happened in many areas throughout the United States.

Prior to the troops, armaments, helicopters etc. coming into the neighborhood, there wasn't a n*gger problem. If it wasn't for the traitorous troops, there wouldn't have EVER been a n*gger problem either. We would run any and all feral n*ggers out of the neighborhood whenever we saw one. I remember (during the last days of a White North St. Louis County) the call' going out many times, people would excitingly scream and yell from their doorways, ”a n*gger is in the neighborhood!” We knew exactly what that meant, immediately find out where the children are (especially the young females) and then begin to scour the area for the offending n*gger. It was a neighborhood effort, men followed by women who, in turn, may have even been followed by children started hunting down the undomesticated n*gger. A bestial and vile being that quite obviously had wondered out of it's natural environment. It had come possibly to steal, but more than likely, it came to find a young White female to rape. There really wasn't any misconceived notions floating around in White peoples heads about the demonic n*gger. They more than realized he was more beast than human. It wasn't that any one particularly liked hunting down a n*gger for the sake of the hunt, they we're simply protecting their property, their neighborhood, their wives and their children. The n*gger had strolled into the White man's domain for one reason and one reason only, no one invited it, no one wanted it there - it was up to no good! Unlike now, back then White people didn't falsely and foolishly elevate and worship the savage n*gger in sport and song. And they sure as hell didn't lay around watching a n*gger on TV reading from written script while spewing out words of pure propaganda. Words that really contained no personal meaning or value in their lives at all. They didn't even try to control the n*gger... they simply didn't want anything whatsoever to do with this vile and predatory beasts!

Now, when the n*gger was located, and most times he was, it wasn't a very pleasant experience for him. He was beat to the f*cking ground until he wasn't moving anymore. How any n*gger could survive, I don't know - how many didn't survive, I would never tell. But, it was a necessary evil that had to be done. White people understood things like that back then, they understood the n*gger well, after all, it was this lowly beast that had run them from their once safe homes in the cities. The cities their forefathers had founded and built from the bare earth on up. That's precisely the reason for the cookie cutter homes located away from the city and out in the suburbs in the first place - to be far removed from the city dwelling cruel, untamed and inhumane n*gger beast.

After the government troops, doing the bidding of the jew through his newly self-serving, lobbied and instigated ”integration” laws completed their mission in Castle Point, they left. After the neighborhood was made over 50% n*gger and the once safe, clean and White neighborhood was completely destroyed, the true nature of the n*gger beast emerged. After the federal troops had left and within two weeks of integrating Castle Point - to a point of no return, a twelve year old White girl went missing. Whites went from street to street, door to door, searching for her. Through constant threats and intimidation hurled at them by n*ggers, they pleaded with everyone, ”has anyone seen this young 'girl? Please help us find her.”

Thanks to no help from any n*gger, the innocent young child was ultimately found. She was found in a recently abandoned basement of a home, tied hand and foot by rope to a steel support beam. She had been brutally gang raped, tortured and literally beaten to death. How many n*gger bucks had their way with her, we will never know, how many n*gger sows who jealously stomped on her to disfigure her pretty and delicate European features, we will never know. How many lowdown, dirty, nasty, foul, cruel and viscous n*ggers who ignored her pleas and cries to stop hurting” her and let her go home to her mother, we will never know. The National Guard troops never returned to find out. After they dropped the n*ggers off, their mission was complete. Were any n*gger perps ever arrested, tried and convicted for her brutal murder? No.

Even though the Whites had lost, it was obvious what they had fought so hard against. I remember the girl’s body was in such bad shape, her family was not allowed to view it, they were forced to have a closed casket service. Her body laid in that abandoned house for more than a week while no n*gger so much as lifted a finger to even anonymously dial ”0” to report to the operator where they could find the body. I'll remember that for the rest of my life, it's a black mark on my soul that will forever haunt and torment me. It causes me great discomfort and tears to swell even to this day thinking about it. I was never so close to pure pain, suffering and misery in my life. Not until the day they found that sweet and innocent young White girl’s body and I witnessed the non-stop and uncontrollable tears flowing down her mother and father's cheeks.

That was the end of Castle Point, people couldn't get out of there fast enough. The days of well kept lawns, back-yard BBQ's, playing in the woods, walking the trails or jumping in the creek were over. The once clean and safe streets, were no longer clean and more significantly, no longer safe. The days of White children walking, playing and laughing in their streets unmolested - all gone. For n*gger infested Castle point anyway.

Now, a few years later, I'm 19 years old, myself and my family moved to an area not too far from Castle Point. Not too far but, not too close either. One day me and my then girlfriend went to a discount store called ”Grandpas” near the old Castle Point neighborhood. I needed to buy a muffler for my old Buick. We're driving through the parking lot when all of a sudden my girlfriend yells out ”that n*gger just flipped me off!” I didn't even see a n*gger, I asked her what car, what n*gger, where!? She pointed it out and I told her that I was going to lay these' brass knuckles upside that motherf*cker's skull (which I always kept under my seat). I got beside the n*gger’s car, next to the driver and motioned for him to stop, when we came to a stop, I noticed there were four n*ggers in the n*gger cruiser, so I told my girlfriend to hand me the gun from the glove compartment, it was a small nosed 45. It was a mean piece of steel and it was fully loaded. I jumped out and yelled WTF is wrong with you GD beasts? Three of the n*ggers jumped out after I did, only the driver remained in the vehicle, with gun in hand I hit that lowlife motherf*cker as hard as I could right square in the eye socket-jawbone area, I felt and heard the bones crushing, I saw shear terror in his eyes as I delivered another blow. I know what he was thinking, ”dey be deff in dat man's eyes” and he was right, the only thing that saved his life was the year, if this had been just a few years previous, I would have shot every one of these motherf*ckers without a moments hesitation and most certainly without a seconds regret. After hammering this n*gger’s skull with the butt of that Saturday Night Special a few times I turned my attention to the other three who I figured had to be getting near me. I thought I would have to shoot them but, after seeing what happened to their afro pals face they went running back to the now rolling out of control car screaming ”he be gots a gun!” ”Dat wite muahfukka shows be gots him a gun!” I stood and watch as they were trying to get back into the rolling car. The car that was used just a few moments ago to flip my girlfriend off in, now it was surrounded by n*ggers in disarray, trying to get back inside. A driverless car with a driver that just 'gots himself all ”f*cked-up.” I stood there and watched the n*ggers as they were trying to get back into the rolling car. It was a rather odd, yet humorous sight, car rolling, one n*gger half in - half out, two other n*ggers yelling at a comatose driver to slow dis' muahfukka down so wez can get up in der - dis wite muahfukka be crazy! I watched until the n*ggers car came to a dead stop after it plowed into a parked car, then it dawned on me, sh*t, I could get in trouble for this! I ran the few steps back to my car and booked outta there as fast as I could.

Less than a week later, there was a knock at my parents door, it was the police with an arrest warrant. I was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Penalty... up to life imprisonment. We were planning on having a jury trial, figuring that would be the best route to get all the facts out. But, prior to doing that, after my lawyer reviewed all the reports, he figured that wouldn't have been the best option. Besides the four n*ggers who would have lied through their teeth while yelling ”racism” and explaining how they were ”attacked” by a ”bigot,” there was one other witness... the one who reported me and my tags to the police to begin with, a White male. Yes, a White man who was sitting in his car simply watching the events unfold. A White man who would have been just as happy watching me get shot or stabbed as he would have watching as I was sentenced to life in prison or even watching my GF being flipped the black bird.

He would have been the prime witness. That was rare in those days, usually a White could depend on another White coming to his aid, especially when fighting n*ggers. Maybe this low down b*stard wasn't White? Perhaps, he was a jew? I don't know and I will never know. But, whoever it was, my lawyer was more concerned about him than the four lowdown, lying, White hating n*ggers. He told me to plead guilty and forgo the jury trial. Which is what I ultimately did.

I plead guilty to a reduced charged of simple assault and was sentenced to twelve months in the county jail. One solid year, without benefit of good time or time served being used to my credit. I did close to a year in that hellhole prior to making bond. Bond was set at $30,000 - which back then was a huge sum of federal reserve notes, I mean most houses didn't even cost that much. I ended up doing close to two years. I did more time than if I had been sentenced to five years. A felon receiving a ”nickel” was eligible for parole in 7-9 months. Of course I didn't realize that until after I plead and was sentenced, but still, it was a whole lot better than a life sentence. I think a life sentence was 14 years at that time, before becoming eligible for parole.

Castle Point today is a nasty, nasty, nasty shanty town. N*ggers made damn sure that area was only fit for a n*gger and, only a n*gger. Not only is it a no-go area for Whites, it's a dirty, vile area filled with filth, drug dealing, shootings, rapes and murders. I drive through that area maybe every 3-5 years, It hurts me to drive through it, but after I do I have a totally new prospective on life. At first I feel anger, I have feelings of wanting to take back that neighborhood and give it to the rightful inhabitants and make it like it use to be. If I had my way about it I would, I would take it back. First I would decontaminate it by fire. I would burn it to the ground with the invaders still in it and start fresh and new again, fresh, bright, safe and clean, just like it use to be. Of course that will never happen, yet I can't hide my feelings of what I went through in that neighborhood. When I get home that evening I hug my wife and our children. It's a sobering effect and most certainly makes one feel lucky they escaped and survived such a nightmare. Of course there are good memories too, the memories prior to the n*gger and National Guard invasion. No telling how many Whites take a reminiscing ride through the old 'hood” from time to time.

Something I can't help but notice during these infrequent ”tours” through Castle Point, and that is, there are no wooded areas and no trails any more. I guess the National Guard did return, at least one time anyway, they had to clear away any area where the n*gger could conceal his crimes. One other thing I noticed, there are no red birds, no blue birds, no robins, squirrels or rabbits. I guess at times, animals are smarter than we give them credit for, they abandoned Castle Point too. Like I stated, that GD place is only fit for a n*gger. A lowdown, nasty and extremely repulsive n*gger beast.

The incident with the four n*ggers is the only time I had ever been in jail. Because of it, to this day, I won't confirm nor deny that I ever carry a firearm, a ”felon” to be caught with a gun is a federal offense that carries a minimum mandatory five year sentence. Of course five years in a federal joint is... five years. Federal parole was abolished years ago. I would be foolish to reveal if I ever packed a piece or if I even own one. All I will say is - it's better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six....

- - -

A few more notes about North St. Louis County:

Not long after my imprisonment and the twelve year old girl’s murder not only had Castle Point been invaded by n*ggers, most of North STL County was in the process of replacing the White faces with those of barbaric third world beast of the field jungle dwelling n*ggers.

The Kerry sisters were the next to die by the newly relocated n*ggers. Two White sisters frolicking on the old Chain of Rocks Bridge with a visiting male cousin. The Chain of Rocks Bridge spans the Mississippi River into Illinois. It was replaced by the newly built Hwy. 270 bridge which crosses from North St. Louis County Missouri into the state of Illinois. The Chain of Rocks Bridge was almost like a landmark, so it wasn't torn down. It remains intact to this day.

The roads leading to and from it from either side were destroyed but the bridge remains. There were plans to turn the bridge into a tourist attraction. There was talk of even installing a roof and covering it. The bridge would most certainly make for a romantic evening for a loving couple or a exciting day activity for children, all while peering down at the 'Mighty Mississippi River. But, that will never be. That area in North St. Louis County was changing, it was changing fast too. It was becoming an extremely dangerous area filled with lowdown, destructive n*gger beasts.

As mentioned, the Kerry sisters visited that bridge, they took their visiting cousin to see it, to walk across it, to glare down at the flowing waters. While they were enjoying the view high above the great and powerful river, unbeknownst to them, n*ggers were enjoying a view too. A view of two innocent young White females. The two n*gger beasts caught up with them in the middle of the bridge. They beat the sh*t out of all three of them and then raped the two girls. After they were done, they forced all three to jump. Both girls drowned, they found one of the girls body’s a week or so later - the other one... has never been found. When I say 'never” been found, I mean exactly what I am saying, n-e-v-e-r been found.

The male cousin made his way back to shore. He told the authorities what happened and soon, two n*gger creatures were in custody. They blamed it on the cousin, claiming it was he, who made the girls jump from the bridge. So, why did the cousin jump from the bridge also? Well of course he was mentally sick and was afraid he'd go to a mental hospital for the rest of his life for what he had done. So, he was attempting suicide. Jewish dominated local news media supported this theory and reported it as such. Did the 'mentally ill' White cousin do it they pondered? Or, did two colored boys with good hearts and bright futures do it? I think this is when I really started becoming aware of media propaganda. I mean two n*ggers had just cold heartedly forced three innocent teenagers to jump into the fast moving, murky, cold and muddy waters of the Mississippi River and I am reading and watching news reports on how the bad cousin might have done it and of how good the n*ggers were.

To make matters worse they refused to dwell on the two murdered girls lives, vying instead to do an in-depth look into the life history of the two n*gger beasts. They were rising sports stars, had really great futures in front of them, each one was even thinking about going back to school, maybe even to church etc., etc. But, except for the battle against the mind, a battle in which only weak minded people lose, it really didn't matter what the jewish presses punched out. No matter what the jewish ruled news media reported, the police and prosecutors would have none of it, and the two barbaric n*ggers with combined IQ's equaling less than either Kerry sister alone, was convicted and sentenced to death. Matter of fact, those two goons are sitting on death row in Potosi, Missouri as I type this. Will they ever be strapped to a chair? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is death by lethal injection is too good for these b*stards.

I could go on and on about the destruction of North St. Louis County but, I won't. Yet I must show respect via remembrance to two more White victims of the jewish sent federal thugs... The Deckers.

Mr. & Mrs. Decker, two White people out Christmas shopping for their two young children. Accosted in the parking lot of ”Grandpas” discount store (the same store I had my incident at - Chambers Rd. and Hwy. 367 - I'll never forget that f*cking place) by at least three (maybe four - I can't remember) pure n*gger hyenas. They just completed their shopping trip and were returning to their vehicle with the gifts when they were set upon by at least three heartless, remorseless and soulless two legged beasts. You'd think stealing gifts would have been enough, after all we're told they ”randomly” rape, rob, beat and murder White people for financial gain but, stealing children's gifts evidently wasn't enough in this case. Matter of fact, not only was robbery not enough, carjacking, kidnapping, and rape wasn't either. Only a savage and sadistic murder was good enough this night.

Why does a growing number of White people not only despise n*ggers but, hate them with a passion? I mean the purest of unadulterated 100% true f*cking hatred! I'm going to tell you why.

After they carjacked and kidnapped these two White people from the parking lot, they couldn't control themselves. The car was barely in motion when they started fighting over who's d*ck Mrs. Decker was going to suck first. At this point, Mr. Decker did nothing. He didn't fight back until the winner was chosen and the first d*ck attempted to pierce Mrs. Deckers lips, then he fought. He fought to defend his wife's honor. His fight didn't last long, nor did his life. His struggles ended when a bullet was fired point blank into his head, killing him instantly. After the cold-blooded murder, the n*ggers took Mrs. Decker to a field where they beat and raped her. With her bloodied and dead husband's body still yet warm in the backseat, a bullet lodged in his skull, she was repeatedly raped and beaten - for hours.

After she sensed that they were done with her, she pleaded for them to let her live. Testimony in court records and news reports show she pleaded and begged for her life and with her entire being. She tried her best to bring out even a shred of sympathy or at minimum empathy from within these beasts dark souls. She searched for even a small, tiny, minuet scrap of kindness, caring, compassion in these primitive primates. Unfortunately, these lowlife things never possessed any, will never possess any and furthermore, are incapable of possessing any. She pleaded her case like only the finest of lawyers could. Please let me live, my children have already lost their father, please, please don't cause them to lose their mother too. Please, you can have our car, the gifts to our children, you can even have all our money, please, just let those babies have a mommy... F*ck yo b*tch - pop pop! Her life ended in that farmers field that night. Along with her husband's, along with their children's - snuffed out by beasts too lowly to even be considered as animal, beast that only the devils in hell can compare.

If there is indeed a God, a future kingdom come - please place these souls in a higher position than mine. Even if my very own soul were to be placed into Hades and burned for ever and ever, if there is indeed an all powerful God, avenge these souls that have suffered so terribly and that now cry out for revenge.

- - -

After castle Point we fled to another county, when I grew up and had a family - I took them even further away from the always on the prowl n*gger beast. Unfortunately, this entire country is turning into one gigantic Castle Point - soon there will be no place in which to run and hide. Soon the re will be nothing left to do except stand up like a man and fight, or watch as your sons are murdered in the streets and watch as your wife and daughters are forced to suck n*gger d*ck prior to being stomped or shot to death.

Every word written above is the truth. There are no lies or even half truths. Although I didn't research any of it, I relied solely on memory. Even though it all happened many years ago, I'm sure there is something to be found in a search engine.

Be careful White folks, the world can be and often is - A dangerous place for Whites . . .

First posted on my own site and then later in NNN on or about 10/7/05. ETA.


Links in reference to the school transfers....

Black Riverview Gardens School District selects White South County School District (Mehlville) for student transfers

White Mehlville's quality of education won't be impacted by white-hating, racist black student transfers


The Francis Howell School District Website

Below, concerning school transfers (basically telling the Whites, hey, the courts F‘d us again man!)

On June 11, 2013, the Missouri Supreme Court handed down its decision on the Breitenfeld v. School District of Clayton case. This means that students in an unaccredited school district may elect to attend a school in an accredited district in the same or an adjoining county, including St. Charles County. The two unaccredited school districts in the greater St. Louis area are Normandy and Riverview Gardens—both of which are in St. Louis County. The unaccredited school districts must choose at least one district to which they will provide transportation for resident students wishing to attend school in an accredited district.

Normandy School District has selected the Francis Howell School District as their transferring District. Families may choose other districts to provide their children’s education, but if a different district is chosen, transportation will become the responsibility of the parent.

As a resource, the Francis Howell School District (FHSD) has created the School Transfers web page as a resource to parents, families and the community for individuals looking to transfer students to FHSD schools.

Click on the links on the of the webpage to access supporting materials and documents regarding the student transfer process.

The Francis Howell School District (FHSD) is committed to providing a quality education for all students. FHSD has a strong commitment to educating our students and will work in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling while maintaining parents’ and community expectations of our schools.

If there are any questions about the student transfer process, please contact FHSD at 636-851-4000 or at


The Mehlville School District Website

I searched a couple different ways for info on this year’s forced
school transfer student program without much success. Below...

ETA-Expose Them All

Teachers are fleeing from St. Louis schools

Laura Sahaida says she didn’t have the resources to deal with students “who hadn’t acquired the social skills” of “more affluent children.”

St. Louis public school are among the most well funded in the nation. Yet they are a total disaster. Partially because the media and the left refuse to admit why things are so bad.

This latest article is full of code words and dances around the obvious. Teachers are afraid of the students in St. Louis public schools because they are so violent.

Missouri started a massive new forced busing program at this beginning of this school year. Students from the absolute worst performing and most violent schools are being shipped 30-40 miles to some of the best schools in the state.

From…Laura Sahaida knew teaching kindergarten at a low-performing elementary school in the city would be a tough job — but not like this. Just six days after she started at Ashland Elementary this school year, she decided to resign.

She was leaving each day feeling defeated. She had no teacher’s aide. She couldn’t control her classroom of 21 kindergartners, most of whom had not attended preschool.
“I had lessons planned for teaching them the routines and procedures. But I couldn’t get the class to sit still for five minutes,” said Sahaida, who previously had worked in the Kirkwood and Ladue school districts.

More than 50 teachers have resigned from St. Louis Public Schools in the past 10 weeks, putting the district in the difficult position of looking for replacements when there aren’t many applicants.

Half of those resignations came after the first day of school, according to the district. They are reflective of the high number of new hires in the 72-school city system and the challenges new teachers face when teaching in a city classroom for the first time.

“There are a lot of people coming to the district who can’t cut it,” said Mary Armstrong, president of St. Louis American Federation of Teachers Local 420. “They don’t feel it’s a fit for them and they’re quitting.”

The district employed about 1,900 teachers in June. Teacher departures this school year are about 25 to 30 percent higher than in recent years, district figures show.

Since last spring, the district has sent recruiters as far as Michigan and Mississippi in search of talented educators who could elevate the level of instruction in the struggling city school system. They have had to replace 207 teachers who accepted an early retirement package the district offered last spring to save money. An additional 187 teachers, principals and other staff resigned at the end of the year, most to take jobs at charter schools or districts in surrounding counties.


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