Sunday, May 19, 2013

Racism, Defamation, Denigration, Contempt, Hate & Crimes against White People

15-yo White girl capped in school by two hate enraged blacks (2) She forgives them.mp4

Anti White, hate &  Marxism - 'It's hard to see racism when you're White' - no it’s not, there’s a lot within this page.mp4

Black haters break eye socket bones and fracture nose of White female youth in merciless attack.mp4

Black kills White mother - steals her baby.mp4

Black mob attacks-beats pregnant White female.mp4

Black street thug rapes and beats 83-yo White woman to death.mp4

Copz rip townhouse apart with heavy equipment trying to get to White cop killer.mp4

Dark Love - Case #3.mp4

Hammer attacker earns 14 years (be out in 3) for hammering the head of his ‘ho’ - when will they learn.....mp4

High five, shuck and jive - racist haters sucker punch White teacher.mp4

Out of control black mobs hit Filthy-Philly (again).mp4

Proud ‘black men’ killed everything in the house - Four White women.mp4

This is for you, you ‘White bitch’ - racist black-attack at McDonald’s.mp4

Thug laughs & smiles during court - on trial for kicking-beating 86-yo White woman to death.mp4

Two White newspaper reporters attacked-beaten by 30+ blacks - media ignores it.mp4

White American couple attacked-shot by Mexican gang members operating in America - doin the job ameri......mp4

White boy refuses to give up his seat on school bus to black supremacist - violently beaten - staples in his head.mp4

White female stabbed to death by ghetto trash while delivering Domino’s pizza.mp4

White man and woman slaughtered in the big D - bodies burned - popo looking for two blacks.mp4

White man’s throat slashed in ‘random attack’ - random; media speak for a black on White hate crime.mp4

White teen doper slaughtered by her dope supplier - err, arrested; ‘black of interest’.mp4

White wins $1.2 mil - racist blacks; ‘too many whiteboys up in dis muahfugga already’ - pass him up for promotion.mp4

Wimpy liberal ‘offended’ by American Owned - American Staffed nail salon - liberal media gives him airtime.mp4

10-yo black thug stabs 12-yo White boy to death on MLK day.mp4

10-yo street thug pulls heater out on woman - Plus, thugs make moves on car at stop sign - America; itz gone.mp4

15-yo White girl capped in school by two hate enraged blacks (1) Cape Fear High School.mp4


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