Sunday, May 19, 2013

No hate against Whites 'hate map' --

 No hate against Whites 'hate map' --

Anti-white, Marxist college lecturer develops map which shows hate only against non-whites - but what about hate against Whites? She would never develop one of those, because in her mind only Whites can be ‘haters’ and only non-whites can be the victims of that hate. Love, tolerance and acceptance, it’s not for Whites and only Whites can be racist haters. Marxism 101.

Cracker, Honky, Peckerwood, Whiteboy etc. etc... I see it on the net all the time...


Download a short video clip of the 'hate map' below (4.5 MB)


Direct link to 'hate map' below


Below; Only Whites can be haters - anti-white Marxist; ‘Dr. Monica Stephens’

But... she’s White, how can she be ‘anti-white?’ The same way blacks can be ‘uncle Tom‘s.’ The same way jews can be ‘self-hating jews.’ She’s an anti-white Marxist, AKA a traitor to her race! The worst type of person in the world, no pride, no morals and no guilt for what she has done and is doing. While she loves every benefit her race has brought her, deep inside, behind that pretty face, is a twisted little brain. And yes, even though she’s White, she has a black heart! She is a Marxist! And a Marxist is a close relative of the communist. And their daddy is a murderous Bolshevik!


The Bloody History of Communism (caused the deaths of 120 million people in the 20th century) (1.5 GB)


The Marxist Murderers

(Download, burn to a disc, and watch it on a TV hooked up to a DVD player that will play MP4‘s.)


Communism, Liberalism, Bolshevism, Marxism, Zionism, Greed, Hate, Contempt! War Against All Peoples!

Anti-White, Anti-Racist, Hate, Attack on White Nations

Zionism Defined, Zionist Jews Killed Millions of Christians


No Cracker, Honky, Peckerwood or Whiteboy? WTF kinda ‘hate map’ is this anyway? No hate against Whites at all? No says the female Marxist above.

ETA - Expose Them All


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