Friday, May 4, 2012

Satanic Plot to Enslave the World - Myron Fagan

This is a great lecture on the history of the Illuminati exposing the Satanic One World Government Plot and the Council on Foreign Relations. The Illuminati plans to destroy America and merge it into the New World Order. This is a factual, historical lecture with names, dates, organizations, mode of operations... exposing the Satanic octopus gripping the world. It goes back 200-300 years exposing the Rothschild involvement, Zionism, Luciferian ideology, destruction of national sovereignty, destruction of religions, Protocols of the Elders of Sion, Free Masons, Illuminist banksters, Illuminist MSM, Satanic 3 World Wars Plan... Satanic bloodlines. A Must Listen!

Myron Coureval Fagan (October, 31 1887 - May, 12 1972) was a Jewish American writer, producer and director for film and theatre. He arrived on Broadway in 1907, where he quickly became one of the youngest playwrights in American Theater. Over the years, he worked in the theater with such luminaries as Alla Nazimova, Douglas Fairbanks, and John Barrymore. He also directed plays for the top producers of the era such as Charles Frohman, David Belasco and others. Fagan also became the dramatic editor of The Associated Newspapers. Many of the actors including Humphrey Bogart, Brian Donlevy and Robert Ryan whom Fagin directed or who appeared in his plays or screen adaptions later became stars in Hollywood.

Also, would encourage all to Google his name and the title header for more info.


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